The Seattle Police in full riot gear  have finally reclaimed their precinct from both CHOP and the illegal occupation there….and law and order is finally fighting back.   I will no doubt get the comments about being a racist, xenophobe, Karen etc etc for defending the police… I have had them all but here is a fact for you to think about.  The crime rate in Seattle has risen in the past 3 weeks by some 500%.  That is 500% of someone’s son or daughter who is not going home, or who has been subjected to some sort of criminal act that has changed their lives.

Law and order must be brought back under the control of the police and in the illegal occupied zone itself there has been a 52% spike in violent crimes including rape.  Women have been subjected to the most awful of crime…….

The Seattle Police took back their precinct from the Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP) who by the way are self-appointed, and at 5am they finally took control and arrested 31 people.  I should imagine the law-abiding citizens of Seattle are breathing a little bit easier knowing that the police are back where they should have been along.

It took the police less than 30 minutes and I hope and pray that not one police officer was injured.  The police will always respect a peaceful demonstration, but this had gotten out of control and it had become lawless and brutal, and that in a nutshell is what will happen if defunding the police was allowed to continue.  I have never in my life heard such a crazy idea, we need the police and they put their lives on the line everyday of the week and for me the world is better with them in it, then without them and I have a special fondness for the K9s.

In one month alone there have been the murder of 2 teenagers, and 3 people wounded in late night shootings, as well as robberies, assaults, and other severe violent crimes in the illegal zone.  Is that really acceptable to people?  It is not to me and everyday of the week I will support the police officers whether here or in the USA….or anywhere where the police are defending the people.

When will people realise that violence gets you nowhere with the average law-abiding citizen as we don’t live like that, and it is only by peaceful means and active political support can you achieve anything….not threats of defunding the police, releasing the prisoners and bringing down hell on peaceful citizens.   With all the shootings, the vandalising and the increase in violent crime, people have had enough, and it is now time we give the support back to the people who are the good guys.  The ones who put their lives on the line everyday of the week for us….the police.