Another day goes by and nothing is being done to help the Rohingya’s nor the Uighurs Chinese Muslim community.

Both of these groups of people are Muslim and it seems that another 24 hours has gone by and still no one is jumping to their defence. Is it because they are Muslim?? Are we refusing to help because of that? I hope not….or is it because we don’t want to take on China and the fact that the Rohingya people do not have a land with oil on it.

I am delighted that Boris Johnson is standing up to China and offering the people of Hong Kong a safe haven here as their freedom is our responsibility, and we must at all times help as it was the jewel in our far eastern crown…but what about the others?

Each day that goes by more and more of the people are being murdered, terrorised and their rights and freedoms taken away.

Where is the UN?

In the 21st Century can we really just ignore the plight of a people who have done nothing and whose only desire is to live peacefully in their own land. They don’t want to change anything, nor anybody and do not want to enforce their way of life on anybody….they just want to be left alone.

Everyday more and more people are interned in camps in China, or the Rohingya’s driven from lands…harassed, assaulted or murdered and it is getting worse not better. On 23 January 2020, the International Court of Justice ordered Myanmar to prevent genocidal violence against its Rohingya Muslim minority and to preserve evidence of past attacks. The Rohingya people have been described as the least wanted and one of the worlds most persecuted people…..and knowing this…. other than an order by the ICJ….nothing is being done.

Like the dictatorship will do anything about it…..

The world is seems is going mad and cares less and less for people who are really struggling to get by and who are abused everywhere they go… that really a sign of our inhumanity to others when we just don’t do anything about it.