I am tired of reading comments that do nothing more than promote divisions……. and now we hear that some BAME people don’t feel welcome in the countryside because its supposedly only for white people.

A DEFRA independent report stated that some BAME people felt that the country parks were only for white people. Dear god help us…..I go to the countryside and I am just marvelling at the scenery and not thinking that person doesn’t belong here….or that person shouldn’t be here, and can’t remember anyone being told to leave……..the countryside folk are probably looking at all of us as mad and wondering why we live in towns and cities anyway.

Are we really going to have this division again and again? I have never felt that the countryside is only for a certain type of person, but that it is open to all and it is a great day out for a grandmother with autistic grandchildren, as they take joy in everything. What I have felt is that those who live there are lucky and what I wouldn’t give to be able to swap their beautiful scenery with me. Although I do have a country park at the bottom of the avenue…it is not the same as having the views of rolling hills everywhere you look.

Can we really be expected to take it seriously that a walk in Epping forest has prompted some to say that they feel it is somewhere not welcoming for them? When I walk on the country park I see people from all races and ethnicity and it is just people out enjoying the view whether they are walking the dog, riding a bike, out with the family etc….it doesn’t matter everyone is making use of the beauty.

We have to accept that the majority in this country are white, and that means that there will be more white people than others, but I have not seen anyone driven out of a national park because of the colour of their skin. Infact, being so typically British and boring the conversations with everyone is “good morning…glorious weather isn’t it…and have a nice day”, or “gosh its raining again”…how typically British.

Since when has nature been racist? I despair I really do as the Bias Broadcasting Corporation takes every opportunity to bash Britain, and like millions of others I have to pay , and its about time they were defunded. They no longer represent this country with impartiality and they are now past their sell by date.

The independent report from DEFRA stated that some BAME “felt”…..then surely that is their feelings blocking them from enjoying what is our country in all its beauty…as when I look at the fields I often say “my god this is Britain and its beautiful”…and everyone and I mean everyone has the right to enjoy that which we have been blessed with, and people should get out and enjoy it….its free, healthy and just beautiful to see.

Sometimes I wonder if these programmes are not just to stir up something that really is not there…….