It now seems that our national treasure Charles Dickens is now the next target on the list by the woke generation who seem hell bent on destroying our culture and history.   Charles Dickens is one of our finest authors and I rank him higher than William Shakespeare and every school child should read Dickens as the imagination he put into his books make them so enjoyable, and they never age.

I know there are the dreadful comments he made about  the Indians, but you must remember we are talking Victorian times…and the majority of wealthy hated the poor of this country,  and their views of people from another country was the way they thought THEN, but that is confined to history as we have moved on…but his books are still the most fantastic read.   He based Fagin as a Jew in his book Oliver Twist because he stated that he felt as though the majority of crooks were Jewish,  but again we are judging him on today standards instead of looking at it from the era he wrote in.  If you look at the time Dickens came from there was widespread poverty and people were living in slums, and if you did not work you starved to death simple as… that the fault of those who did not starve?  It was society then and it is so different now because we evolved and learnt from our past mistakes.   You only have to watch the BBC documentary on the “The Slum” to see how people lived, and it was not awful.  I recommend watching it to get a sense of how poor people in this country lived even at the turn of the 20th century, and we cannot blame one person or another, it was society as a whole and whilst things like this disgust us now…it is not set in the times of today, but rather a time that has passed into history.  I do not take offence that Fagan was based on a Jew….nor does my husband as he thoroughly enjoys Dickens and read as enthusiastically to our children as I did.    I remember growing up listening to Dickens and have read the collection of Dickens books and enjoyed it so much, so why ruin the historical reputation of a man who has brought so much joy to people all over the world, and nobody has the right to take that away.

I understand that his negative views need to be explained but that can be done in the museum so you can show the good and bad side as you quite often get with complicated people, but to vandalise a museum is ridiculous and this constant targeting of our history needs to be stopped as 2/3rds of Britain’s are already worried that our statues are at risk, and this should not be allowed.  This is British history and not at the whim of any bandwagon because people feel offended.  Should we not feel offended that Nelson Mandela has a statue?  After all he advocated terror tactics in his younger days…….but I look at the Mandela who came out of jail and who showed that you can move on and advocate peace…and the world with him in it was a better place.  I chose to look past what he did and look at what he achieved as that is the greatest way to honour him, and am saddened he is no longer here as he could join together all advisories in such a way that they became friends.

What about Marie Stopes?  She was a huge fan of eugenics and wrote love poetry to Adolf Hitler!  Her views are disgusting but she is history and we need to have these historical figures on view…..

It is not right that our history  is threatened with being torn down because some are offended.  Our history belongs to the ages of Great Britain after all if you look at some people in our history for instance William Wallace, he fought against the English and for me is not a hero…but he is to the people of Scotland and I would never dream of demanding he be taken down as that is their history, and yes it is linked to the English one…but that’s what it is …. History….and if you take away the past then you are condemning the future to do it again, and instead of destroying it…learn from it.

If you don’t like Charles Dickens then simply just don’t buy the books…although you are missing out on a great read…but to demand an end to his book and vandalising the library of his works is nothing more than thuggery, and it needs to stop as decent law abiding people are being pushed to the limit as we have seen when veterans …NOT RIGHT WING THUGS…..but VETERANS who have served their country honourable went out to defend its history…..and it will do again.

The vandal is a former councillor called Ian Driver and he was the one who vandalised the Dickens House Museum in Broadstairs, Kent and the full weight of the law must be brought down on him….as Charles Dickens himself spent a lifetime pointing out the evils against the people living in the slum and who were treated appallingly.    By the way, the Dickens museum has been there for over 12 years and now we have this former councillor who is desperate for his 15 minutes of fame….well all I see is a vandal and he needs to go to jail. 

The protest is nothing more than a Marxist left-wing attempt to take down the establishment and the government and to put in place their own tyranny and then you will have the silent majority no longer silent. If you do not comply with the rules of society then you will have a breakdown in society and if those endlessly marching got their way there would be no army, no police, no law, no order and everyone out of the prisons….then what?     I can tell you Britain will make the Wild West look like a Sunday walk in the park.