The Chinese Government has upped its war on the Chinese Muslim Community of Uighur by forcing birth control on the women in a bid to force the drop in births.

A report issued by the Associated Press states that government statistics, state documents and interivews with 30 ex-detainees and a former detention camp instructor indicated effort to slash birth rates. It was far more widespread and systematic than previously known.

China currently has internment camps for its Muslim citizens in an attempt to force them to give up their religion, and yet the world has done nothing and now this, this is akin to the Nazis and their experiments and there are a million other ethnic minorities currently locked up including children where is the outrage? Why is China not ostracised until it gives people freedom of religion…and just freedom?

According to reports officials are regularly subjecting the minority women to pregnancy checks and force intrauterine devices (IUDs), sterilisation and even abortion on hundreds of thousands and the world is doing nothing.

This is outrageous and where is the marching for this?

The use of IUDs and sterilisation has fallen sharply nationwide, yet in the region of Xinjiang it has risen because this is where the campaign by the Chinese Government is being carried out.

They back up the use of population control measures with the threat of mass detention for those who fail to comply. Where is the outrage from the rest of the world as people whose only supposed crime is being Muslim, and are being subjected to the Nazi era negative eugenics and yet nobody is doing anything about it. Why have governments not turned on the Chinese Government for this?

The people of China are all for complying and they generally do but to try and force people out of existence is the most vile practice of all and what have they done to deserve this?? Nothing.

Officials have been fining people who are already impoverished and failure to comply with the sterilisation or forced contraception means they lose their freedom, and in the Uighur regions a campaign of terror has resulted in the birth rates falling by more than 60% between 2015 to 2018. In Xinjiang birth rates are continuing to plummet with 24% drop last year, compared to the national average of 2.4%.

China Scholar Adrian Zenz said “This kind of drop is unprecedented…there’s a ruthlessness to it. This is part of a wider control campaign to subjugate the Uighurs”.

Uighurs who are predominantly Muslim and other minorities were given extra points on college entrance exams, hiring quotas and laxer birth control restrictions, but under President Xi Jinping this is now being reversed and the human rights abuses are being allowed to continue with nobody taking up the fight of a people who are in effect being wiped out.

Joanne Smith Finlay who is a China expert based at Newcastle University stated “its genocide full stop, its not immediate, shocking, mass killing on the spot type genocide, but its slow, painful, creeping genocide. These are direct means of genetically reducing the Uighur population”.

Can we really just stay silent over the potential extinction of a community that has done nothing wrong? We are in uproar and quite rightly so over the Dog Meat Festival (I can feel my anger growing as I write that), yet the world is strangely silent over the treatment of a group of people who should be allowed to have their own religion. The first freedom of any group is that they should be allowed to worship who they want, unhindered and so long as it is not impacting on others…what harm are they doing?

The UN cannot allow this to keep happening? China is on a war footing and the world seems scared, and to the point that they can do this to their own innocent citizens with no fear of reprisals. It has to stop.

The mark of a decent society is how they treat their own citizens and the freedoms that they have, and sadly China will carry on doing what they are doing because no-one will stop them and that is a stain on society as a whole.

Whilst people are marching offended at statues there is silence at the genocide of a people, maybe those marching need to look further and champion other victims. Victims who it seems have no one shouting and demanding for their rights, and where the world has become blind and deaf to the plight of a people endangered in their own country.