I always give my support when a public figure does the right thing, and Keir Starmer has done the right thing in the sacking of Rebecca Long Bailey.

The tweet in question has proved to be false, despite John McDonell spouting his rubbish that Amnesty international has reported on the American police training by Israel….but Amnesty international has always had left wing leanings, and to peddle this anti Israeli, Anti semetic lie is outrageous and shame on them…

Under Jeremy Corbyn anti semetism was allowed to grow, and people like Rebecca Long Bailey didn’t have to hide it, and then she forgot that the anti semetic terrorist lover wasn’t in power, and quite frankly she has been found out at last, and no amount of back peddling can change their views. She is the sum of what she tweets or retweets…and if the anti semetic cap fits…..

There is the usual nonsense spouted by the vile momentum cult, but let’s face it anyone with decent values would steer clear of the hate mob and that is what they are. They were allowed to grow under Corbyn and McDonell and they are a anti semetic hate group that needs controlling, infact they need throwing out of Labour as decent voters can’t bear the MPs who attach their flag to it, as it stands for everything that disgusts us.

Keir Starmer needs to withdraw the whip from them and start with Labour from the lowest point. He is however treating Rebecca Long Bailey different from Corbyn as he attended a Zoom meeting where the same lie was peddled and Starmer did nothing. Withdraw the whip and throw him, McDonell, Abbott and Burgon out and anyone else who resigns in support of Rebecca Long Bailey. With the smallest opposition numbers it doesn’t make a difference to what they can now, but will show the public he is serious.

He has done 1 thing that shows the Jewish people he means business, but he still has not explained why he did and said nothing much during his time in Corbyns’shadow cabinet.

As the wife of a Jewish man and proud to be so, and my sons are very protective of their Jewish background…more needs to be done. I know what these vile comments are like as I get them sent to my email …but never in a million years would I authorize them, and then I think well if our being makes you angry then you have a problem. ..we have a happy life and that’s why anti semetic rantings won’t work.

I will praise Keir Starmer for his stance today, and no I don’t support Labour but if he sets their moral compass right…then that can only be a good thing.