Yet another night where policemen and women are hurt doing their job in London. Illegal raves and the shame of police running away from the mob…..whatever happened to the baton charge? I never thought in my lifetime that I would see the police run away….but then when you realise that they have been told to take the knee or have to run the gauntlet of the “woke brigade”….then the problems begin, as the police should not be political but upholding and defending the law and rights of law abiding citizens, and coming down with the full might of the law on those who don’t.

The problem is that London has a far left politician as Mayor and he has reduced the once wealthy capital to something of a joke, and he doesn’t think about those citizens who uphold the law as he cant be “woke” enough with them. There has been next to no investment….how could there have been as he was holding his hands out for a £billion loan from the Government for TFL….and then he is back only a few weeks later for £500 million saying that he cannot guarantee the police and certainly there will be no new ones… why is he not tabbing into the Government to explain his request, instead of talking yet again to the newspaper.

The first thing I would want to know is what on earth has he done with the money?

He told the police to stop the stop and search of youths and the upshot of that is that more young black man are being murdered in London daily, and it has now become the murder capital of Europe. He deliberately took that decision as he called it racist….but is it really racist to want to save young men from harming each other?

I remember over 40 years ago that my brother was stopped and searched by a policeman on the beat and he didn’t think anything of it…..if you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to fear, and the only wrong part of it is that they should target ALL youths and colour should not be an issue…and there should be stiffer jail sentences if you are found with weapons, as it cannot be right that your child goes out as teenagers do and not come home. I ache for the mothers of those murdered.

Khan has spent too much of the taxpayers money trying to be popular when he should have been concentrating on the role, and his popularity would have come from him sorting out London. I know there are some who will say that Theresa May put an end to the Stop and Search, but as Mayor of London he makes the decisions and he has cost the lives of so many young people with his backward thinking.

Then there is the mismanagement of the police, and he must accept responsibility along with Dame Cressida Dick. They are too busy being so “woke” that there is actually very little policing being done. When ordering the police to bend the knee they actually gave in to mob rule and the mob now know longer fear the police. After all they have no problems showing videos of where the police have been told to run….and they do. It is about time we brought the Army into the Capital and bring the mob under control.

They are not mourners but rioting teenagers and young people who have very little discipline getting out of control and it needs to stop and stop now. The poor neighbours who have to put up with this breakdown of society and they must be worried, I know I would be and if it takes some big burly paras to take the mob on then so be it. They have had their fun and their vandalism which this is all it was ever about….and now they must be made to conform to society rules.

A comment was made saying that the police turned up to make the mob conform to their rules!! Their rules? This is the rule of society and it is there for a reason because if you do not have a rule to protect its citizens then you have what we have seen mob rule.

The rule of law in London has been allowed to disintegrate because of Khan. The first time he started to get involved in “woke” politics and letting the permantely outraged dictate to him, then London was lost as he saw popularity with them and neglected the law abiding people.

It is imperative that he is removed from the post to save the capital as we are now beginning to look like a joke, and who on earth would want to go to London now? All I see is a hell hole because this useless mayor allowed the mob to get out of control.

He has in effect took London to the point of no return and it is entirely his fault. He had water cannons and could have drenched those vandalising, or he could have asked for the military to contain the rising mob, but he did neither and now decent Londoners are having to live in the fear of what these rampaging out of control teenagers will do.

This is not living and never in a million years would I have even answered a policeman back, never mind jump up and down on the car smashing it. This lack of respect starts at home and carries on because politicians such as Khan have given them a free rein.

He is responsible for the mess of the finances through his mis-management and he should be made to explain it to the London Executive as this further police cost cutting will result in more lives lost, whether it is young people or the police and this is just not good enough. He spent enough on his advertising, and then there is the £300k car he rides around in….nice to know that at least one person in London doesn’t have to take on the baying mob.

He is quite simply a failure and wrong for London. He allowed his ego to get the better of him and instead of working for London, he has just worked for his own PR and it is costing people lives. He took over from a very successful mayor and has thrown London and its people to the mob, and sadly the police will be left to deal with it and I am terrified for them.

Time he went.