So his Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury has now jumped on the virtual signalling bandwagon and states that some statues will have to come down in Canterbury Cathedral. Good luck trying that as he is the custodian and not the owner…Her Majesty is the Head of the Church and I doubt she will jump on any virtual bandwagon….and he does not have the right to take anything down.

It is interesting when you read of the maternal side of Justin Welby’s family…especially his great – grandfather and the family money….Welby’s mother was the daughter of Iris Butler and her father was none other than Sir Monagu Butler…Governor of the Central Provinces of British India (doesn’t seem to bother the Priest that where he stayed was probably full of servants), and his Great Uncle Sir Spencer Harcourt Butler also worked in India…..again a place that was full of servants and if you look throughout the family history it is full of aristocrats and yet I do not see His Grace getting down on bended knee and apologising for his whiteness or his wealth.

No it is far easier to take the route of virtual signalling rather than face your own past. I have traced my dad’s family back through to the centuries and we are just plain old white working class people, who in the 17th century were in poverty like most of the country, and in fact on my mothers side they were roma people and even my great grandmother at the turn of the 20th century was a roma gypsy in Ireland……so no privilege for us as they were driven out time and time again. Persecuted comes to mind. As I discovered a lot of Australia holds my family surname….not because of privilege but because a lot of people had been taken out there because of having to do what people had to do with regards to eating and it was jail or exile……so nope….no white privilege for my family but an awful lot of poverty. Oh don’t get me wrong if you go back further there is power and privilege in Normandy France but that goes back at least 7 centuries if not more… here is my beef with the Archbishop…..when is he going to apologise for all of his privileges?

He is hell bent on tearing down centuries old statues in the heart of England’s church… show he is one with the people….yet surprisingly says nothing about his family, nor the fact that he lives in a palace and no doubt has servants at his beck and call, or had a very well paid job in the oil industry working in West Africa….all that lovely money as one of the senior Executives…….how strange that he now pontificates but does not seem to realise he is the poster boy of privilege.

As I have said before…meddling priests should stay out of politics and stick to trying to save souls….as every figure of Jesus Christ is done in the image of the people in that country….and it is not up to him to change it, and if he doesn’t realise that we already know that Jesus did not look like Max Von Sydow then he really doesn’t know the people. Me….I don’t believe in any of it.