Nothing strikes more annoyance into the heart of a Brexiter than knowing that Lord Peter Mandelson is sniffing round the role of Head of the WTO.

The current director-general of the organisation, Roberto Azevedo announced his intent to step down in August and Lord Mandelson has claimed he could fix the WTO. In his true grandiose style…..

This is the man who had to resign from the Labour party TWICE. He was forced to resign in December 1998 following the disclosure that he accepted a £373,000 home loan from then-paymaster general, Geoffrey Robinson, to buy a house in London. The disclosure was revealed in the Guardian.

Mandelson revealed that he had not told Blair about the money lent him to buy the house in fashionable Notting Hill, but though he admitted he had been “technically” wrong not to tell his building society about the loan, he insisted there had been nothing improper about it. To anyone else that would have been a visit from the police…..

2nd time….

He quit again in 2001 after being accused of helping one of the Hinduja brothers get a British passport in return for a £1m donation to the dome. The Indian billionaires Srichand and Gopichand Hinduja gave the cash to fund the attraction’s “faith zone”. Mandelson was cleared by a parliamentary inquiry (nothing new there about Parliament clearing its own) but he blamed the press……

So in essence we have a man who could not even keep his role in the Government with honour. He has constantly worked against the majority of the people when wanting a 2nd referendum since they remainers lost the vote….or the people’s vote as it was called, and before that he was in the EU as a Commissioner. Only in the UK can someone like Mandelson get a Peerage, promoted and given access to the one of the most lucrative gravy trains despite leaving the cabinet TWICE under a cloud….and now….he has set his sights on another gravy train. The WTO.

He has suggested that the WTO is broken and of course he has the magic cure with his 3 suggestions and they are:

1. He wants to update the WTOs rule making and dispute settlement functions. The WTO must believe in trade liberalisation as something that advances economic progress rather than using it as a last resort. (Although it is working perfectly well now).

2. That trade liberalisation should be negotiated fairly and with respect for those with less economic muscle to advance their interests (when Mandelson talks about advancing interests beware……….who’s?)

3. Conscious of its human, social and environmental consequences, trade liberalisation needs to operate within a framework of policy that mitigates its risks. (Is this to do with the risk he perceives wrongly of Brexit).

Now for me….the fact that Mandelson who is one of the remainer architects wants to get his feet under the table at the WTO is a warning shot that he will try to interfere with Brexit, and that is not acceptable to Brexiteers. He is just totally unacceptable.

He had to leave the Cabinet twice and is he really the best that we have to offer the world? It seems that he continually gets promoted for mediocrity and someone who have cried fowl for the last 4 years of Brexit really should not be allowed to have anything to do with the WTO, especially as it looks like we will be leaving the EU and going straight on to WTO terms….and really do not want the likes of Mandelson heading up anything.

If it must be someone from the UK then Dr Liam Fox is a much more acceptable candidate. As it stands hopefully, the Government will not put Mandelson through for the candidate as they know that he is not acceptable to the majority of the British Public, and like the Stop the Brexit party he should be confined to the time that has gone….him and the upper house ….retired and not a minute longer, as politics really needs to move on and kept away from any scandals as we have lost all faith in politics as it is….and only with Boris can this be restored….slowly.