Will the never ending land grab by China be stopped by India?

Everyday we are reading how it seems the world is going slightly madder and madder.  We have the riots over statues, the coronavirus affecting the world on a global basis and now this….the standoff between China and India over disputed land.

There has already been a war in 1962 called the Sino Indian War where both China and India fought over a disputed Himalayan border, and by offering sanctuary to the Dali Lama in 1959 India set itself on a collision course with China.

Both have the potential for massive armies and are part of the new economies that are the fastest growing in the global economy, and they have over a billion people each.  During 1961 India put into effect a ‘forward policy’ and China has refused to take any steps back.

In the summer of 1961, China began patrolling along the McMahon Line. They entered parts of Indian-administered regions and angered India  in doing so. After May 1961 Chinese troops occupied Dehra Compass and established a post on the Chip Chap river.  The Chinese, however, did not believe they were intruding upon Indian territory. In response the Indians launched a policy of creating outposts behind the Chinese troops to cut off their supplies and force their return to China.   According to the Home Minister in Delhi on 4 February 1962:   “If the Chinese will not vacate the areas occupied by her, India will certainly drive out the Chinese forces”.    This has been referred to as the “Forward Policy

According to the Indian Official History, Indian posts and Chinese posts were separated by a narrow stretch of land. China had been steadily spreading into those lands and India reacted with the Forward Policy to demonstrate that those lands were not unoccupied  India, of course, did not believe she was intruding on Chinese territory.

The initial reaction of the Chinese forces was to withdraw when Indian outposts advanced towards them. However, this appeared to encourage the Indian forces to accelerate their Forward Policy even further. In response, the Central Military Commission adopted a policy of “armed coexistence”. In response to Indian outposts encircling Chinese positions, Chinese forces would build more outposts to counter-encircle these Indian positions. This pattern of encirclement and counter-encirclement resulted in an interlocking, chessboard-like deployment of Chinese and Indian forces.  (sources Sino Indian War)

This now seems to have deteriorated to the point that skirmishes are now happening more and more, and 43 Chinese and 20 India Army troops have been killed in the latest confrontation.

We see through increased media that China has set its sights on empire building, indeed they have ignored the outrage of the nations within the South China Sea terrority and are building both an island, and depleting the sea it of its natural resources despite their being an open dispute, and they are also annexing the freedom of Hong Kong despite signing an agreement that would guarantee their human rights and freedom till 2047….and then Tibet.  It seems that the world has not really been that interested in Tibet and this has allowed yet more land grab by the Chinese who it seems are now aiming to take control of the area.  Is any country safe in that region now?

We have had threats ourselves from China for daring to demand that they agree to the latter of an agreement they themselves signed and give the rights to the Hong Kong people, and the fact that the majority of British people do not want them involved in any shape or form with Huawei, especially after the devastation of the coronavirus which started in China should give our Government food for thought.  I should imagine if you asked most people they do not want them involved in our nuclear plants either, as it seems letting the fox into the hen house is madness, and we must end our reliance on the Chinese for goods that we really should be making ourselves.

India on the other hand is our friend and a member of the Commonwealth, and the valued placed on their friendship is immeasurable, as we really should turn towards the Commonwealth as our market of choice because we all know in the end that only an army of the same considerable size can take on the Chinese, and because of its size keep them at bay.

You get the academics arguing that because of the size of both countries and the fact that their economies are growing about 7% a year that this could not happen, but do you really look at it academically when a country feels threatened?  Humans are impulsive and especially those who live in a bubble of dictatorship where their every whim is acted upon.  This separates them from normality, and we have already seen the leader of China vote himself in for life, a vote….it was his decision and those in their parliament voted him in because they knew otherwise.  I do not know why there is a pretence of the parliament….he should now come out as the dictator for life and this will then take of the gloves of pretence and we will know exactly what we are dealing with.

India on the other hand is a democracy and yes they still have some archaic institutions they still take part in, but India is a fast moving country and I myself have had the delight of working with a group of Indian people, and they are welcoming, delightful, fun, hardworking and I am proud to call them my friends….but they have the same wish for an outcome that we have and that is to become a productive country and for wealth to come into all parts of India.

The split of Pakistan and India by the British after WW2 was shameful as it cost the lives of so many people, but the Indian people are forgiving of all that we have done and want to actively work with us….and this is where I for one am grateful.  I do plan to take up the offer of visiting India and my friends and learn of their beautiful heritage and traditions and I do not feel any threat from India, yet feel a cold chill of foreboding from China.

China it seems is hell bent on destroying the democratic rights of any country it sets its eyes on, and it now seems they are determined to land grab more of India, and of course India will not allow this to happen.  Why should they?  There have been plenty who have died for the freedom of India (much to our shame), and like Israel they will not be pushed around by anyone.  India has one thing that China does not have and that is the friendship of a lot of Western nations as I know if I were asked to choose it would be India every time.

This post started off with asking will be there be war and I think China is in war mode as that is the only way a dictator can keep control of his people, as one day the people of China will rise up against their oppressors but for now they act as one nation and that nation is the will of the President, and like oppressors of old he too is looking at expanding his nation regardless of the people who live there.  We still have people alive who remember the last dictator looking towards other nations for room…..

A dictator does not have to consider deaths of people that happen when there is a decision taken to push forward into other lands.  All they see is that they want it, and they have have to it and that is where battles will begin.  It will come because the Chinese want to expand past Tibet, and we must try through diplomatic means to stop them but failing that we must provide all help and assistance to the Indians, as it could well be that India is the only nation that can stop the advancement of China.

I hope it does not come to war, but history has showed us through the ages that when a dictator has total power it tends to lead down the pathway of land grab and war.  Can we really afford that after the Coronavirus and the effects it has had on humanity, because we know that China has more viruses stored at their laboratories….they have told us themselves and could we then start to see the use of viral warfare? 

China has no right to be in Tibet never mind venturing onto Indian land and this is a serious creeping advancement that needs to be stopped in its tracks, but as I stated by use of diplomacy rather than skirmishes but can you really talk sense into a dictator?  Chamberlain tried in WW2 and ended up looking foolish, and quite often the dictator gambles on the fact that good men will do anything to prevent war…even giving up land the Dictator wants, but this will never end and they will push and push.

My faith is in India and the fact that they do not want a war, but they also do not want to give into the creeping advancement of China, and yet the world seems to have rewarded China by constantly making us reliable on it.  This we must stop as the more we spend, the more they have for growing their army and a dictator with an endless supply of men, weapons and money is a dangerous combination.

The area in and around the Himalayas and Nepal is already a contested area and the continuing development of disputes, land grabs and skirmishes will be an interesting, yet terrifying  as we will with growing alarm the way the Chinese government is going and whether there will be a war…a nuclear one as they both have the capacity, the capability and in the end the desire to use it….and if that happens then the real losers will be mankind itself.