I am with Dominic Raab on this.  I will only ever kneel for my sovereign or to get down to the floor to play with a toddler (but with chronic arthritis both of those are in question).  I am not apologising for being white, nor apologising for this so-called white privilege because I had none.  Everything I had as a child my parents worked for, and everything I have now is because of the hard work of both my husband and me….there was no privilege just long working days and saving. If being in a loving relationship with my parents and husband is privilege then I am privileged.

I do not feel the need to bend the knee because I have nothing to apologise for and if you ask most of the people who are older than the “woke” generation, they too will not bend the knee.  It is wrong that the police are ordered too as I have always found our police to be rather too soft on the criminals, and now they are taken completely over by the leftist luvvies and their warped sense of what is wrong and what is right is ruining such a fine institution.

As I have said before, I was horrified at the murder of George Floyd and my heart just broke when he cried for his mother because as a mother you know when a big grown up man shouts for his mum that the terror he must of felt was real.  His murder was committed by racist law enforcement officers….4 bad ones.  That does not make the rest of them bad nor does it make white people racist.

I have had the usual morons and nutters abuse me through the messaging system of my blog calling both me and my husband racist… and if it makes you feel better calling me that ….then good for you….but I and my friends, colleagues know otherwise and I do not need to be forced into being a decent human being, I have been one all along.

I treat people how I expect to be treated and there are plenty of white people that I would avoid like the plague but to demand the knee is bordering on the tyranny of the minority, and anyone who feels like me would refuse to do so…..what on earth is wrong in just treating people for what they are….human beings?  Or is that too much to ask of the “woke generation”.

I am perplexed as to the outrage as Governments and Ministers do not kneel…it shows weakness on the global stage and I hope that Dominic Raab continues with his decision.

The murder of black people in the USA by police officers is an outrage and yes the police have to have further training but I would sooner have the police on my side than not, and yes I would call out anyone who did not feel that the murder of George Floyd was outrageous, inhuman and racist…but you cannot force people who have done nothing wrong to apologise for something they just have not done….

After all, ….where do we stop?