A presenter has been suspended for not saying he is white and privileged from a radio station on the Isle of Man.

Stuart Peters has worked for them for 20 years, and refused to say he is privileged being white, despite saying he supports BLM.

We are now at risk from the thought police and I refuse to say I am privileged because I am not. I worked hard, and continue to work hard for what I and my husband have.

I grew up in a family where hand me downs was the norm, and God knows my father worked hard but being one of 5 was expensive. We had no bikes as Dad said if he couldn’t buy 5 then no one was getting one..and I had to leave college because the cost was too much for my parents.

Am I angry at them? No as my parents were loving and supportive …. It just put me on another path…the Army and from there my husband. We have worked for what we have…60 hours a week for him was the norm, and me when our children were old enough for me to go to work.

We managed to buy our home and over the years have accrued the things in it, but there was no silver spoon for me….nor my children.

Infact like most students my youngest son now has an enormous debt, and whilst we were lucky enough to help him with his daily living expenses (we had earned just too much for any student help), there is no private estate to bail him out, and we had to choose between a new kitchen, bathroom etc or give the money to our son. It was a no brainer and we gave him the money we had saved as he will go onto great things. His chosen profession will help children of all colour through research…this privilege has already left him ¬£50k in debt, and us thousands out of pocket….but as mum and dad that was our job, and we are so proud of him.

So am I white and privileged or just a working class person who through careful planning with my husband managed to survive, and thrive as there was no large estate left to me, nor countless others.

I will reiterate ALL lives matter regardless of the colour of your skin, and when someone is subjected to brutality from the very people who were supposed to protect us, then I like millions of others are outraged.

The fact that the brutal murder of George Floyd was caught on film has spoken true about the brutality that some citizens have suffered, and the law must be seen to work as justice is required….but don’t assume because I am white I have been given everything because I haven’t. I have had my fair share of not being good enough for jobs, taking jobs in the beginning to pay the bills that were such a disappointment…but were necessary….I have never once had the door of opportunity opened for me because I am white.

Infact that door became more difficult because of being left disabled from an RTA, but that’s the way life is …but I don’t blame others…life is cruel and unjust but to say I and millions of others have privilege is ridiculous, and so far from the truth.