The Shadow Education Secretary Rebecca Long Bailey has instructed unions to re-educate old and new members. This can only be to obstruct the planned easing of the lockdown to get this country back on its feet. Labour were never going to work with the Government on this, it is purely smoke and mirrors from the man who does nothing….Keir Starmer.

Long-Bailey was seen as the sweetheart of Momentum after Laura Piddock lost her seat, and what the video shows us that they are planning to work together to try and shut down this country, as the Unions and the Momentum who are still in the Labour Party with this woman will try and force the Government out…..despite it being a democratically elected Government by the people.

It seems the only people who get nasty are always those on the Far Left. They cannot accept defeat and create trouble every step of the way. They aim to politicise everything from Brexit (and by the way they have no control over….and British Colonialism)….which is their way of jumping on whatever political bandwagon they think will win them votes.

The even included John McDonnell and that speaks ominously to those of us who are disgusted at the way Jewish people were treated within the Labour party, and also disgusted at the fact they support terrorists. Those terrorists who have killed or try to kill loyal subjects of Her Majesty….soldiers, NI Police and Prison Officers. He and Corbyn are everything I detest in politicians.

As I told the person who came to ask me to support Labour at the last election…not a chance as there would be no way I would support a terrorist supporting anti-Semite, and that included McDonnell. It is only by accepting he was democratically elected that he sits in parliament as in any other walk of life he would be rejected….they all would

We can now expect total disruption from the Labour party and the Unions as it is more than obvious they want this country to fail, just so they can score political points and people losing their jobs is just casualties of war to this left wing cabal.

Trust Kier Do Nothing Starmer will do just that….NOTHING as he wants to be PM at any cost even to us.