Khan decided to box up the monuments because “fears of the right wing”… I may be wrong, but didn’t the monuments get trashed by those attending the BLM march the week before?   This of course would not suit the leftist agenda set by Khan and one that has been so eagerly snapped up by the left-wing media.  After all we know that there was no way he was going to  actually lay the blame squarely at the feet of the perpetrators.

He has taken to calling those who are protecting the monuments far right and thugs, when in fact they are doing what most law-abiding citizens want, and what the police are failing to do and that is to protect our history.  I do not doubt that you will get people in the group who are spoiling for a fight as there were in the marches last week and it is a shame that those people are around as they ruin the freedom to march, but to call veterans right wing thugs is really beyond contempt.   I am a veteran and not once would I consider breaking the law but if it meant protecting that which I value so dear….you are damn right I would, and I look up at my flag with pride as men and women have died protecting our flag, our nation, our way of life and our freedom and how dare someone like Sadiq Khan label good loyal people thugs.

He is a failed mayor and we know that London is the murder capital of Europe and where the deaths of young people both white and coloured is disproportionately high, and sadly there seems to be no end to it, and Khan is hoping that people would not notice it with his virtual signalling as both him and the Labour party are using this for political mischief, him more so because of his failures.

One of my commenters wrote that it was the previous Home Secretary who ended the stop and search, but as mayor he is fully within his rights to order the Met Police to start, but he won’t as it doesn’t sit well with his leftist agenda and he will use any excuse to not be held accountable to those who would call him out.  He is using smoke and mirrors constantly to deflect from his own exceptionally large shortcomings and calling out those who want to protect the monuments as far right thugs is just another large shortcoming in an otherwise extremely poor management of London.

Khan should have shut down all marches because of it not only being a pandemic but also because desecrating our statues is offensive to people of this wonderful Island.  This is our history that is being put on the block of tyranny and he is failing as the mayor of our historic capital city and his pandering to the left wing will only make this matter worse.

His job is to protect London and its historic landmarks from any threats and do not be fooled people this is a threat.  We now have demands for the removal of Winston Churchill….that is outrageous, and it is the demanding that is the start of tyranny if allowed to grow.  If you asked the people of this country the majority will demand the statue stays where it is, and Sir Winston Churchill was and is still a Great Britain. 

He is complicated and yes he did and said things would not be acceptable today, but we are holding him up on today’s standards and what he did was quite extraordinary.  He took this island, the sceptred Isle that was alone against the threat of tyranny and he believed in us when even those in Parliament wanted to appease the murderous third Reich, and who gave in to demand after demand for fear of war….one man stood up.   It was Sir Winston Churchill who believed in this country and picked us up and shook us down and told Great Britain that she can do this, and she can win against the tyranny and he was right.

For years we faced the biggest threat on our own and at the front was Churchill calling to arms the troops, the people, and the courage that we needed to win.  He was not perfect, and my argument is if you show me a perfect person, I will show you a liar.  Yes, he had his faults but loving Great Britain was not one of them, and he loved this country for all his life, and it was totally fitting that monuments were made to him.  These monuments were often  paid for by donations from the same very people he asked to fight as it was their way of saying thank you, and it was because of our respect for him that so many had been commissioned, and it was totally fitting that one is in the middle of parliament square because without him the parliament would not be sitting and we would be subjugated by the Germans, and we owe him our thanks and our continued admiration and it is not for someone with a political agenda to demand the removal of our hero. He belongs to the ages of Britain and he belongs with the greatest of our heroes and along side our cenotaph which is another target of the militant left wing.  They forget that minorities themselves fought alongside their white colleagues to defeat tyranny and that empty tomb that stands so solemn in London is a way for all to remember the dead.  To remember those who do not have a grave for them to visit, and who march past every year in respect of their friends and that is regardless of the colour as all those who fought and died for this country are the very soul this island is built on.

How dare Khan blame those who want to protect that which is our sacred monuments as right-wing thugs, whilst he stood by and did nothing the previous weekend.  He watched with his virtual signalling but would not put his convictions where his mouth is….instead he does what he always does….blame those who are innocent for his own left-wing mantra.

I honestly believe that Khan is out to ruin London.  After all, he was passed the job by none other than our PM who had left London such a better place than he had found it, and now due to mismanagement it is a battle zone.

Maybe if Khan had come out from being hidden behind his desk he could have taken control, instead of leaving our police with so little help and having to put up with his virtual signalling whilst London in effect burns.  The veterans marching is because of his failure to clamp down on the vandalism of that which we hold so dear, and I for one as a veteran stand with my brothers in arms to protect what is our history and this is not to be sacrificed on the mantle of the left.