Another day and another lack of reply or anything from Sir Keir Starmer to my letter asking him how he plans to discipline his law breaking MPs….or as I call him Keir Does Nothing Starmer… he has done nothing else but try to political point score during a pandemic, whilst ignoring calls for him to sort out his own party, and frankly he started this political point scoring 5 minutes after saying he won’t do that when taking over the Labour party. This just shows just how little he can be trusted, after all he says one thing whilst doing another. How very labour…..

He has done nothing to stop the anti-semetism within his own party.

He has done nothing to stop the leftist MPs within his own party creating mayhem during a lockdown.

He has done nothing with regards to publicly reprimanding those MPs who joined in an illegal march and who have put this country at risk of a 2nd Wave.

He has done nothing whilst 32 of his own MPs send the vilest letter to the Home Secretary accusing her of not knowing real racism and gaslighting……and that is as repulsive as their anti-semetism.

He has done nothing but tell untruths regarding a letter he wrote to the PM and that he had no reply, even though the PM rang him to try to work together for the benefit of this country. (Seems Starmer forgot he was not voted in as PM).

He does nothing to try and show a unity at a time of national crisis.

So really Keir Starmer is the doing nothing man.  He can be relied upon to do nothing except go on endlessly about an adviser taking a car journey, but then that sudden burst of energy disappears when it comes to his own MPs.  Can that be the whiff of hypocrisy I smell on Starmer…do you know what I think it is.

Eau de Toilette Hypocrisy as modelled by the new leader of the Labour party.  Once sprayed you too will suddenly do nothing and allow the vilest of people in your club to get away with everything. 

Thank god we have the Conservative party in charge as can you imagine the state of this country with Do Nothing Starmer and his vile party responsible for Great Britain.