The North vs London debate…or as I call it…London first and the rest of England is expected to revolve round it.  We all know that the recent Labour Leaders have come from London and their insight into the working class of the North is so limited you could put it on a stamp, and this in itself is creating a problem as they are only concentrating on the largest metropolitan city, and leaving the working class out.  They do not seem to have any idea of what exists beyond the world’s largest moving car park…the M25.  It seems the M25 corridor Labour leaders had forgotten how to talk to and were instead talking at the people in the North.

We are always the after thought in the North as London and the finance sector are demanding that we sacrifice our fishing areas to ensure they can have access to the EU banking.  Well sorry old chums but for us up North our fishing fleets are far more important, and they have been neglected for so long and almost driven from the seas.  Can you imagine an island where they have no fishermen?  If Labour and the remaining parliament had had their way this would have been a reality, but thankfully they have a fighting chance if the Government does not listen to the financiers who wages we can only imagine and listens to those whose livelihood is not paying for the next bottle of champers, but the PM knows that the red wall only came down because we in the North put our faith in this Government, and gave him the mandate to get us out, protect our fishing fleet, and to do as he said put more money in the North.

Everything is always geared towards London.  HS2 is lorded as the North getting extra speed trains, but we know it is because it gives quicker access to London.  Are you really that desperate that billions must be spent to just cut time off your journey?  Ancient woodlands, homes where people have settled and brought up a family, fields that cannot be replaced, and all because of the need of London.

Boris Johnson in his manifesto stated that we need to start investing in the North as the potential for growth is huge, as we have more money being spent per person in the Capital than anywhere else in England.   In the last decade London had up to 24 times as much spent on their infrastructure per person as the North East.  The only place to catch up was the North West which trailed significantly behind.  The last decade saw the North West with £1,248 per person infrastructure, the North East fell behind miserably with £223 and London received £5,426 per resident for publicly funded expenditure and it will rise again over the next decade.

London is always the first choice for holding any big events, and these big events bring the money into area and it is needed desperately elsewhere.   In 2013 Ed Cox, Director of IPPR North said:

Effective infrastructure is the bedrock of an effective and efficient economy. Transport connections, flood defences and high-speed broadband networks all allow people and goods to move quickly from place to place and for business to flourish. It is widely recognised that the North of England loses out as government spending on infrastructure is continuously skewed towards London.  (source the Guardian)…

Nov 2018 in the IPPR report August, the IPPR North called for more powers to be devolved to bodies like Transport for the North after using ONS data to show transport spending in London had increased by 11.4% but fell by 3.6% in the north of England through 2015/16 – 2016/17.   The North of England is lacking substantial financial input by the Government, and maybe we should take the opportunity to ask for our Northern Parliament, after all the Parliament sitting yet again in London does not take the opportunity to get out and speak to the people.    We are underfunded in all areas and our transport lines get worse  by the day “People are continuing to suffer the very real effects of decades of underinvestment, the ongoing chaos on northern trains is a clear sign”  Luke Raikes, IPPR North.

I think the idea of a Northern parliament is the wrong way to go about things as we really should have an English parliament, especially where those who are elected for Scotland, Norther Ireland and Wales should have no say as to what happens in England, as we do not in theirs but we should really demand an equality and the same consideration given to moving part of the law making departments up to the North of England as to have it London centric does in a way alienate the North.

There is a Northern Powerhouse, and this is a good thing, but it has been so long in the making and under various governments the funding for the North has always been diverted to London.  It seems that the London bubble was always the main concern.    The DUP propping up Mrs May’s Government had managed to gain an extra £1.5 billion extra for Northern Ireland and this sort of money should now be winging its way up here as the Government knows that the Northern voting leaving towns are the King makers.

Too long we have watched the regeneration of London and the South, whilst the North was decimated.  We have our ship building reduced to virtually zero as the Government were trying to in a way bribe Scotland and the ship building has gone up there.  I know that it has affected the South too…but the North has been in decline for many years now under both the Labour and Conservative Governments and this has to stop as the North is such an untapped source of wealth that will be benefit the UK, and it would be madness not to.