Am I the only one to see the hypocrisy of Keir Starmer kneeling?

His virtual signalling reminded me sadly of how very little he did for another ethnic minority group. You see I am married to a Jewish man, and I couldn’t help but notice that it took less than 2 weeks since the terrible death of George Floyd for Starmer to kneel, but in the 5 years of being a senior member of the Labour Shadow Cabinet he did NOTHING as Jewish people were threatened and often too scared to leave their homes, his own colleagues had to resort to hiring body guards to enter their own party debates.

We saw Jewish colleagues called the most vile names from within the Labour Party, and those who were supposed to be kicked out for anti semetism welcomed back as conquering heroes

He stood silent as Jewish people were subjected to an increase in hate crimes, had the windows of their businesses daubed with the Star of David for what to me, was a grim reminder of a past decade. Watching silently as his Leader curried favour with every loathsome anti-Semitic speaker and their followers he could entertain, along with several members of the Shadow Front Bench.

Starmer stood silent whilst Facebook groups exposed by the media were condemned for their vile Jewish hate speeches, and he stood silently by whilst his Leader mocked Jews in art work and all manner of media posts.

5 years he stood silent whilst Jewish people such as my husband and I were so worried about what life in this Country under a Corbyn Government would be like, that we had considered leaving if Corbyn won.

He Stood silent whilst Jewish groups called out for help from that very same party. He briefly commented on those pleas for help, but never soothing the serious worries should there be a Corbyn Government, and always trotting out the mantra of anti semetism is not welcome in the party, whilst anti semetism was raging within the party.

All we wanted was just for him to put common decency first….and if he had resigned because of that vileness we could say here was a principled man, and held him aloft as doing what is right by a minority group of people who have been subjected to such hate …Sadly, he chose to do nothing.

He continues to turn a blind eye to Corbyn still spouting his anti semetism, along with others in the party…I guess Jewish lives don’t matter to the Labour front bench.