Curator Madeline Odent has told her followers online that the everyday cleaning items you have in your home could be used to destroy our monuments and chillingly pointed to Churchill being next.

This woman is an American and a disgrace and how the hell she is curator of a museum when she is hell bent on destroying our heritage is beyond me. I always thought curators went into that profession for a love of history, and to the preserving of monuments….but not her….she wants to destroy monuments to the point that they cannot be saved.

She has been visited by the police, but they need to do more and she should be charged with terrorism, as only terrorists use such inflammatory language and she should be handed to the FBI for them to deal with. She is not required in this country as she is not here to look after our history but is hell bent on destroying it.

She is here as a guest of this country, and as such she should be removed as we do not want anyone giving the rioters information of how to destroy our monuments, and she is a danger to this country because if she is so open to destroying our history then that in itself is a danger and the likes of her do not belong here.

Our history is sacred to us and yes there have been good and bad people throughout our history, but what next? Tear down the pyramids because they were built using Jewish Labour? Tear down the Great Wall because people were forced into it? When will it stop? When we start at Year Zero? How typically 1984 authoritarian inward looking mantra.

The left wing loons are loving this and what I find frightening is that a clearly intelligent woman (she was educated at Oxford), can so easily jump on a political bandwagon because it suits her.

What I find completely hypocritical is that her privilege of being educated in the most elite of universities did not affect her, and that she joined hundreds of the “elite” to gain their education. I cannot afford to go to Oxford, and sadly we could not afford for our son to go Oxford as the reality was that as working class people it was something out of our reach. Yet this privileged woman is now claiming that statues are racist….Yet the same people she has accused of racism has walked the corridors of such elite universities and where was her stand then? Did she say “No, I will not attend this university because of the privilege”….did she whack…..she attended and did not think one jot about the lives of the poor.

She is a hypocrite and her presence in this country is not desired as she is trying to bring down my history, a history that I am proud of for an agenda that did not stop her taking the privileged route.