I cannot begin to express my disappointment at the way LBC radio handled the Sir Keir Starmer call in this morning, Monday the 8th June 2020.  I am waiting patiently to see if there is a response to the letter, I sent asking for urgent clarification that he plans to discipline his law breaking MPs.

Callers were allowed to call in or email and put questions to Sir Keir Starmer and they might have well just changed it to the I love Keir Starmer phone in.  There were only 2 people given the opportunity to  criticise him and even then, the host Nick Ferrari did not even go into any detail or demand details and they were especially important issues, and he allowed Keir Starmer to be his usual slippery self when answering them.

Of course, Keir Starmer mentioned endlessly the so-called private letter he had written to the Prime Minister stating they should work together to find a solution to the return to schools, despite the unions stating that schools were not to open, and we know that the unions run the Labour party.  Now on what planet does Starmer think he has equal running to the PM?  Starmer and his party not only lost the election but lost it to the lowest number of MPs since 1935…even coming in behind Michael Foot and that was called the longest suicide note in political history.

He bleated that there was story that the PM had rung him (it was not a story as the PM said it at PMQs) and he hadn’t, but instead spoke to leaders of parties which is exactly what the PM should do otherwise we would her Sturgeon North of the Border screaming inequalities, but it made me smile when he mentioned that is now history and then brought it up again and again.  He seriously needs to get into his hard drive within his head to compute that he lost the election.

A gentleman rang who has Barry Gardiner as his MP (I have never felt so sorry for a person…well the sympathy is on a par with having Corbyn, Abbott, McDonnell or Thornberry as your MP), but like an elected democracy I have to accept that my hard earned taxes go to keep that lot.  Anyway, the gentleman asked Starmer about how Barry Gardiner had broken the lockdown law and what he planned to do…and Starmer said “It was wrong and no MP should do it”….I thought ahah…..he is going to say live on air that he was going to suspend Gardiner, Butler, Lammy and all the others who had attended the illegal riot and then nothing.

Could we be seeing the man actually being a hypocrite?  You are damn right as he was shouting from the rafters about Dominic Cummings and he did not come into contact with anyone.  It seems the Labour party have set themselves above the law and refuse to answer to anyone, even us their masters.  Who would have thought of that of Labour?

A second gentleman came on and accused Starmer of being a hypocrite with regards to the disgusting anti-semetism within Labour, and how this had gone on for the 5 years Starmer was in the shadow cabinet, and Starmer refused to answer that question but instead trotted out that he needed to be judged now and how he had spoken to Labour groups and the Chie Rabbi…..well that answer is not good enough. 

I am married to a Jewish man and I have never seen my husband look so relieved when the Conservatives won the election, as we had contemplated like all other Jewish families to actually leaving the UK, as anti-Semitism is real and it is hurtful and it never stops. Members of the Jewish community have suffered the greatest increase in hate (do our lives not matter?) and it does not take the brains of an archbishop to know the cause, and having the Labour party giving the green light to the disgusting tactics and actively joining in the condemnation of the Jews of Great Britain cannot be so lightly dismissed.

The rabid, vile anti-Semitism was in full flow within the Labour Shadow cabinet and someone like Starmer who was DPP should have put his principles above anything else, but sadly he seems to be bereft of those and he actually kept 31 members of Corbyn’s shadow cabinet in his own…(those people who did nothing whilst the anti-semetism was in full flow, and Jewish Labour MPs being threatened), and his answer was almost well lets forget the last 5 years where I did nothing and look ahead.  He could have done so much, and the Labour party are still the nasty party as Corbyn was involved in a zoom meeting where, yet another vile anti-Semite is now blaming Israel for the police kneeling on George Floyds neck.   I read the criticism in an Amnesty International report and thought…my god they are supposed to be an NGO….not a mouthpiece for every vile person who attacks Israel and Jews.  We know when they are attacking Israel, they are attacking a Jewish state and that attack is on Jews….

As I stated my husband who served 22 years in the Army and gained the highest rank as an NCO was so worried what would happen if Corbyn got in, as we knew that there would be calls for the Jews to leave and we would be subjected to the most hateful, vile attacks. 

That morning after the Tory win, we went out of a walk and the day seemed brighter as we were going to stay in our beloved England.  As I told the labour canvasser who knocked on my door the day before why would I as a former soldier and a Jewish family ever vote for a man who hates both, and Starmer was a part of that vile Labour party and you cannot just re-write history because it now suits him to say otherwise.

He even commented that the statue vandalised and thrown in Bristol harbour should have been taken down a long time ago….but there was a petition to have it removed.   You know that sort of thing that Labour hates if it does not go there way and out of a town of 500,000 plus people only 11,000 signed it…and true to the leftist mantra they tore it down anyway.  It is almost the same stance he took against Brexit as he spent 3.5 years trying to thwart the democratic will of the people and he has the audacity to accuse the government of being incompetent.

Starmer will create the history that he feels will get him voted in and dismisses the democratic vote of those who are in the middle of politics because it does not satisfy his leftist calling mantra.  I think I lost the will to live when he said that the police should be allowed to decide themselves whether to take the knee in front of protestors.

I screamed at the screen that the police are there to uphold law and order for us and not to pander to a bunch of rioters who were hell bent on creating anarchy.  Few if any words said on the vandalism of a great Leader…but then Churchill was a Tory, and nothing said about the morons vandalising the cenotaph.  We only have to see the papers as it shows one offensive thug trying to set light to the Union Flag flying at the cenotaph.  If I had my way he would be birched and made to clean up the mess, along with his other moronic friends who caused the damage.

I am not against marching as I do believe in the freedom of speech, but that was never going to be a peaceful march,  it was an anarchy parade made all the worse by having leftist leaning lovey Labour MPs giving it its backing.  He refused to condone the vandalism and there is genuine fear in this country by hard working law abiding people, that our law and order is being given away to suit the leanings of people who should be removed at once from public office, and a Labour Leader who will not sack his law breaking MPs because it has created problems for the PM.

If you have MPs breaking the law, then they should be removed as why should there be one law for them?  Starmer it seems can ignore disorder and all the anti semetic antics of the Labour Party because he is now its Leader.  Let us not forget that this man had every opportunity to open his mouth and criticise at every stage, and he did nothing.

This started off with my disappointment at LBC and I will not be tuning in to Nick Ferrari again as he might of well of given Starmer flowers and said I love you endlessly whilst gazing into his eyes for all the good he did at holding him accountable.  This country is going to the dogs unless we take back control and demand that our MPs be fired for breaking the law especially during a pandemic as it is totally unacceptable and puts the people of this country at risk, and not accept limp excuses from senior members of parties who did  nothing whilst the hard working Jewish people of this country were forced to live through the beginnings of what could only be described as the re-emergence of the Brown Shirts, otherwise disorder will reign and  God help this country with what is waiting in the wings…as we know it is the Labour party and then we will have lost everything we hold sacred.