I thought long and hard about replying to this and should I keep the personal private or would I make it public. I decided to make it public as the person commenting against my family had indeed asked for a post ….so here it is….

This was a personal against myself and my family from one Paula.Jonee (thanks for the email and IP address)…. following the open letter to Keir Starmer which at no time ventured from the political to the personal, and like all decent people attacks on his family would not be tolerated, and indeed reported, as would any attacks on a family. It is a pity however that some people find this grown up thing so hard to do. I found it somewhat amusing that Paula.Jonee had no political argument but just personal attacks, and I must thank you for confirming the mantra of the looney left which is if they can’t have a discussion as adults then they use snide messages or comments.

The actual post read and I quote “can we get a post of how your family has relied on the welfare state.

My answer will sadly end the picture you have of me and my family. You see we have never relied on the welfare state and we have actually served the state in HM Forces Army. My husband doing a considerable longer time than I as I left to have the children….(now remember as a wife with a husband earning a good wage we were only entitled to the child benefit, which everyone with young children get…so please try to keep up).

Infact my husband served long enough to leave with an extremely good pension and we bought our own house (Are you keeping up Paula.Jonee?…No need for help from the State...) My husband actually worked some 40 plus years before retirement, and when my children were old enough to go to school on their own from 14 onwards…I re-joined the workplace having had no state handouts and through hard work and extremely diligent financial planning finally retired. This was due to health reasons (of which I have had considerable discussions about and no doubt it makes you feel somewhat bigger knowing that you are attacking a disabled person). We live off private pensions only and like many people my age do not expect the state to provide for us.

So sadly for you I have to burst your pre-conceived idea that we attend the job centre fortnightly as it is just not true, but rather by being very wise with our finances we are very much self sufficient. You see my father who also served in the Army and who retired with a private pension once told me that “the world does not owe you a living, and you must work for what you want, and be a productive member of society”. That mantra has stayed with me all my life.

It must be very disappointing therefore for people like you to attack somebody like me and read this response. I feel for you, I really do as the embarrassment you had hoped to achieve will not happen…..

The attack continues on my family….”A focus on your daughter who likes to claim child benefits and also your older son who has never had a proper job and also like to claim government money. Then could you attack the labour party again thanxx”

As you can see from my own letter there was never an attack on the family of Sir Keir Starmer, yet the odd one (odd being the operative word) thinks they are being so clever as to attack the writer and family of a political blog. Well it is neither big nor clever and in answer to your questions..

My married daughter has a husband who has always had a full time job, and who has always provided for his family. Child benefit is indeed something they claim, however this is provided to all families with children and I am sure you do not want to make an issue of a mother who looks after her own children (even though again on my own blog I have marvelled at what special people they are, but yet you felt the need to pick on my daughter and her children. Is it because some of my grandchildren are autistic? How does it make you feel picking on a family who has more than their fair share of disabilities and of which I have discussed? I trust you had read about my family as you obviously felt comfortable enough to write these comments). My daughter who by the way had the same speech from me that I had from my father, is studying for a degree in criminology so that when she too can re-join the work place she has something to offer, but until then her husband provides their income. (Gosh how terribly upsetting for you that we did not live according to your low expectations).

As for my eldest son he does indeed have a full time job in caring, and when not doing that he is studying practical engineering in particular CNC and lathe machining.

So you see I can only apologise that you do not find my family in any way you expected, and can I suggest that you stop writing your pathetic comments against my family and instead concentrate on the subject matter, as any time you would like to make a grown up statement then feel free to do so, and I will always post them as I have done with others who disagree with me….as it is a free country and that same freedom gives you the right to attack my politics but not my family, and for that I originally marked your post as spam but then decided to answer your tedious message in the forum of the political arena.

I had been warned when I first started this blog site that I could come into contact with the odd person, odd being the operative word every now and again and I am rather pleased it has been some 12 months until today…So congratulations you are the first and your comment is exactly what I was warned to expect.

I suggest you go away and come back with a grown up response that I would be delighted to put on. A write up as to why you disagree with me as disagreements in politics is a healthy thing as it allows us to keep the discussion going….however if all you are going to do is personal attacks then expect no further response after this, and you will be blocked from the site. and your IP provider will be informed.