Dear Sir Keir,

I am writing to enquire as to what your plans are for dealing with the Labour MPs of your party who not only attended an illegal march, but who broke the rules of lockdown and did not keep to the law of social distancing during the event.

I am sure that you do not wish the public to lose any trust in the opposition, and seeing as you were so pro-active in seeking demands from the Prime Minister regarding Dominic Cummings and wanting to involve the civil service in a public enquiry, then surely the same demand must be made of you with regards to the actions of your own MPs?   

The actions of your MPs far exceeds that of Mr Cummings and I am sure you remember how you and the shadow opposition felt the need to drag out the name of Mr Cummings in every television interview and stating the loss of trust by the public.  This is indeed far worse, and a public enquiry must be demanded by you especially as you do not want to be accused of hypocrisy.   

I am a concerned member of the public requesting what you plan to do with those MPs who not only broke the law during the lockdown, but who  also because of their actions put the whole country at risk.  There is also the matter of the defacing of monuments but that is something I will go into further in this letter.

I am extremely concerned as the Warrington North MP broke the lockdown rules and did not social distance herself, and there is a chance that the R rate will now increase because of her action and that of thousands who took it upon themselves to break the law.  She is the MP of my mother and other family members and there is a real chance that she could bring the virus back up to Warrington and infect law abiding citizens who have complied with the rules of lockdown.  There is a deep concern and you only have to read the many posts about how annoyed people are in the area to see that, especially as if we broke the law there was a real chance we could be fined or even worse.  Is it a case of Labour seem to think they are above the laws of the land?

Along with other MPs it shows a blatant disrespect of not only the rules during a pandemic, but due to their actions and those attending, innocent people could now be at a real risk of contacting the Covid 19.  This will put a strain on the NHS and could result in key workers either having to isolate or even worse.  Is this acceptable to you and your party?

It is not for MPs to go against not only the rules laid down by the Government in a pandemic, but to bring shame to the long history of Parliament is not acceptable.  To be actively engaged in a mob that has vandalised the Cenotaph, the statue of Sir Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln is an affront to the law abiding society who cherish the memories of those who fought so hard to rid us of the Nazi tyranny.  It will not be a good enough to reply that they did not partake in this, they were breaking the law and the crowd of rioters who did were emboldened by the show of not only celebrities but also by the left wing of your party who are permanently offended by everything this country does.

I want to know what actions you plan to take against them for being in the march that has resulted in this vandalism and the shameful lack of respect for those men who died fighting for us.  Yesterday was June 6th and it being 76 years since D Day and not once did you or any senior member of your party come out and condone the vandalism.  Instead, Dawn Butler put out a tweet that the PM had better not blame them for the 2nd wave as they are enforcing their right to march.

The Cenotaph is hallowed ground to those who cherish the memories of our servicemen, and I can remember my father weeping on remembrance for those friends who had died on the battlefields for this country, and this is the thanks they get.  It is shameful and disgusting and unless this is tackled head on by disciplining your MPs, then it will show the public that some member of the Labour party think that the rule of law do does not apply to them.   . 

The majority of your MPs who attended did so just to create political problems for the PM and that is another reason as to why they must be disciplined as I and millions like me have been in lockdown and kept away from our families so as this virus will disappear and then this….It is an aggrievance that you have not come out swiftly against them, indeed you have not come out at all.

It is not good enough that any member of the opposition marches for an event that happened 4,000 miles away and then to clap when the members of the police force go down on one knee.  This is capitulation and it creates fear in those law-abiding citizens   who were angry that this happened as the law is there to uphold our rights and not that demanded by the mob.

Due to their selfish actions they have put this country at an increased risk of more deaths, and they will be responsible for it when it comes, despite the ridiculous tweet of Dawn Butler. The scientists have already stated that BAME are more likely to be affected by Covid 19 and the blatant disregard for the health of those who did not attend, and the health of those around them have now been put at risk.

I never thought in my lifetime that I would see Members of Parliament acting so disgracefully as to put  this country at risk and I am sure you do not want to be accused of hypocrisy by calling for the PM to fire Dominic Cummings who is not an MP, does not sit in the House of Commons and who has not broken the law….unlike your MPs.  They are public servants and accountable for their actions and their breaking of the rules to us the public.

A copy of this letter has been passed to the Prime Ministers office and I would hope he takes the opportunity to request your full explanation as it is not good enough to let this disgraceful episode slip by. 

Anything other than withdrawing the whip will result in I am sure in a loss of faith in you and your leadership, and that of the Labour party as you will be pandering to those who break the law, and not those who have abided by the law and who have been left at risk of another lockdown or even worse by the disgraceful behaviour of  some of your MPs.

I signed it from myself and I have left off my personal address from this blog, but this has been sent to both the Leader of the opposition and a copy to the PM.