Well I waited and waited for the media to condemn the march in London for writing graffiti on the memorials, and swinging from the flags …today of all days….I thought it’s coming…..it’s ……

Nothing …D Day has come and almost gone and the left wing media is almost delighting in the anarchy that is happening, and very little or nothing said about the brave men….many of whom were the same age or younger as those in London…..storming the beaches to tackle an enemy who spread racial hatred, and who asked for nothing in return.

What thanks does their memory get? The cenotaph, that holy ground where a man’s colour, religion and wealth counted for nothing when dying for your country is violated. Where we remember our dead with that sacred stone and whose sacrifice we mourn …what do they get? Graffiti, vandalism and no sign of the police anywhere.

The marchers have been emptying their bladders against the monument of Churchill and screaming warmonger. They vandalised the monument of Abraham Lincoln…take a minute to let that sink in and then think…..my god there is no hope for the future if that is the youth of today and their ideology towards the generation and leader who fought against Nazism, or the memory of a President whose country went to war with itself to get rid of slavery, and who died for the cause …. and to think their memory can be treated so disrespectfully. It is heartbreaking and it has to stop.

May God if those who sleep the eternal sleep could see how the looney left are trying to destroy their legacy and sacrifice in the UK …they would weep

Shame on the Met Chief for allowing this, Shame on Khan who won’t join in because of the virus ( we know in any other time he would be there screaming his hatred of everything British), shame on those MPs who attended as they have disgraced the very place Churchill sat in, and shame on those marchers who have violated the sacred monuments of our war dead.