A poll today states that half of adults in Britain have taken the stance that they will be no longer purchase from the Chinese Market and I have decided that this house will be a purchase locally house first and foremost, but definitely from within the United Kingdom.

It is not because of the virus coming from China but the fact that we need to buy British goods. Our economy is down in the doldrums at the moment and it needs an influx of cash not just on a short term basis, but rather on the long term and it needs us to help the economy get under way.

Today for instance I took the step of actually going to the local farm to get my produce as I have been somewhat left unimpressed by the online shop I use. Some of the items have been very poor quality and I know that they have been flown in (not doing much for the environment), and I actually had to throw some away as the contents were bruised and rotten. This lockdown had gotten us to the point of accepting the shopping and feeling grateful we were getting it, but that does not excuse actually poor quality goods for a home shopping. Why I asked myself was I buying lettuce that had not been picked in the UK?

It was the grapes that was the final straw as they had no flavour….and this is what we had been getting for weeks. I had always used the farm before and whilst more expensive, the food is exquisite. So Mr Points of View and I decided that throwing fruit away was more expensive that paying that little bit more.

We arrived and there was the social distancing being enacted with only 2 in the shop, and me being me struck up a conversation with just about everyone…(Mr Points of Sue always asks “Do you know them”. and more often than not I don’t), but joining a queue of the elderly was great fun as the conversation was funny and so refreshingly normal.

My turn came and within the space of 10 minutes I had spent the best part of £80, along with mum’s shopping and a new plant for the garden, and do you know I really enjoyed going. I was not scared and was not nervous and decided that every Friday will be farm day.

The subject came up about China in the shop with the young lady who I have gotten to know quite well and she was the one who commented that her father who runs his own business had switched their suppliers from China back to the United Kingdom, and the end product which were machinery parts were of excellent quality, and he is actually saving money because so few are being returned. In fact in the last delivery, all were fully working.

She then stated that the decision was to where possible shop around and buy British. We got discussing how if every time a person who spent £1 on a Chinese product could spend that in Britain how much better off we would be?

I am not knocking China but just realising that we need to spend our own money on our country. The effect would be profitable and we could see cottage industries take off and employ people for the first time, complete order books with goods that would pass inspection and we could have a time where a job was more secure than they are now.

PPE needs to be made in this country because I have already blogged about the extremely poor shipment of materials from both China and Turkey, and to knowingly send sub standard material shows a lack of morals it really does.

If the NHS can get past the point of ordering from companies who charge excessively for materials then the bill will come down, and I know as I had to start up a large department for the NHS in the North West and the holy bible of items list was given to me, and the increase from the company was between 100 to 500% increase and that is outrageous.

Government organisations need to be totally flexible in their approach to procurement and it must be cheaper to purchase locally items such as gowns and masks? Those unsung heroes who during lockdown have been making items for the NHS should really come together in a cooperative where one person is the focal point for orders etc, and then the army of workers from home put together the items. Same with engineering.

Mr Points of Sue is an engineer and he has been making precision instruments and whilst we know the costs are a little bit dearer, each item is perfect for the task and it lasts longer and very few returns if at all and this saves companies a fortune.

I was growing tired of the items I was purchasing myself being constantly broken. My grand-daughter as many of you know is autistic and she likes bling type jewellery so I have been ordering it for her and nearly every item purchased was of poor quality, infact with the earrings you could not even put the caps on as there was no holes in 4 of them, in 3 of them the stone had not even been fitted, 3 pairs had not even bothered to be joined up and the last set were just so awful….and they were not cheap items but my grand-daughter had picked them and how upsetting to find out of 20 pairs ordered….14 were faulty.

It was the same with others items I had bought….and I am not the only one as my friends had continued to express their disappointment at items and I have now told my grand-daughter that when we can, we will be going to town and the local jewellers.

I have put a ban on purchases from China in our home and it is worth that little bit more expense to buy British, or even not British then within the Commonwealth. We will be able to flourish doing that and it is amazing the items that are out there.

I have sourced the materials we need from right here in the North West and it was delivered within 48 hours instead of the weeks and weeks that I had normally. This enabled Mr Points of Sue to crack on with his orders and it was good to see the excitement on his face knowing that he does not have to stop. When the lockdown is fully over we can go and get the items ourselves, and this makes it quicker, more convenient and returning the goods a doddle.

We all know that goods from China are cheaper but please bear in mind that when we invest in our businesses in the UK we are growing the UK, and there will only be one winner and that is us. We can invest more into the NHS, the schools, the police, the armed forces and in our elderly.

All we are doing otherwise is allowing another country to profit and we in the United Kingdom need the investment but on a big scale, and only WE can get ourselves out of it.

As I said at the beginning, this is not a piece attacking China but rather one of asking if you are going to purchase then please see if you can get it in the United Kingdom then do so. Half the adults who are making that stand are doing so to protect the employment rate in the United Kingdom as currently each and every country can only think of themselves and the need for economic recovery. Let other countries worry about their unemployed as no one is going to offer us recovery on a plate and we must grasp the moment otherwise the jobless figure will increase.