Mr Points of Sue and I have been given freedom once a day from the Government and we are making the most of it. So we put the lead on our mad crazy JRT and off we go and the weather is glorious.

We are lucky that we live near a beautiful park and it has been some 3 months since we have been out together as he has been and still is shielding. So……beyond the front door was something that we had been hiding from for months, so to say it was with trepidation that we headed to the front door was an understatement.

I grabbed his hand and we ventured out….expecting the sky to fall in on us and instead it was sunshine, beautiful sunshine and it felt good to be out. Our JRT must of wondered what had happened as he had been stuck in with us and then all of sudden ….. he was out…..yippee.

So off to the woods we went and the trees were a deeper shade of green and the overgrowth was beautiful, and the birds….my gosh they were singing so loudly and not a sound of planes were going over. Looking up at the sky it was a gorgeous blue with a very hot sun and it just shone and shone.

Looking around there seemed to be so many squirrels and I lost count at over 100….and the dog was going mad on his lead as they kept bounding across him. The bad thing for him is he is on a lead at all times as I won’t let him run free due to the wild life…..and then we saw them….a pair of kestrels and my god they were gorgeous.

Just gliding across the skies looking for food and I thought that is freedom and they just soared and soared. My heart skipped a beat when they swooped down but thankfully they did not get anything as I would not like to see some poor rabbit carried off, after I had gone then fine but not in front of me…..but we must of watched them for a full 10 minutes and hearing them was awesome as I am in my 50s and had not heard this before and it was magical.

Onwards with the walk and I realised that the same couple of people we had seen before the lockdown were the first people we had seen when lockdown was eased. There was the hello’s with some surprise, how are you and hope you have been well…..and do you know it was lovely to see somebody else except my son and my husband who I share the house with. It was still kept at a socialising distance but it was lovely and kind of comforting that we had seen the same people, and that they had all kept well.

The minutes were clicking by and we just walked and walked, and the day was glorious and we had taken the route where we know that few people follow, and the pooch was loving it and so were we.

Mr Points of Sue was on the point of losing his cool at being locked down for so long. He has a lung disease and he has to have life saving medication but when you look at him he looks great. Every time we go to the specialist he is improving, only by a small % rate but if you think that we were told 9 years ago that he only had 3 years left…….just wow and he keeps fit and his lung capacity has gone up….so it was hugely important for us both that we get out….him especially. He has his man cave where he has been making some sort of machine (Engineers never retire…they just take over the garage) but he needed to get out.

Onwards we went and saw it…..a fox. The most beautiful looking beast I had ever seen. Red and orange and quite large so it must be a male and it just sniffed the air, saw us and ran across us…..our bemused JRT wondered what it was and then thought….not a chance I am going after that, and onwards we walked.

By this time was came across the local canal and in the time we had been locked down the local swans had cygnets. The first couple had 8 and that produced an ahhh moment from me….and along the canal we must of seen about 30 all together with adults and young as it is a lovely spot. There were ducks, moorhens and geese and for us both it was the perfect place to be for us out of lockdown.

The pigeons were in the trees cooing away and squirrels everywhere and you could even hear the bees and do you know what it gave me…..the perfect start to being out and not being scared as I knew without Mr Points of Sue I could not bear to go out. I had tried three times before to try and get our beloved pooch out and there were that many people that I could not face it as they would not social distance, and I could not go into the woods on my own as Mr Points of Sue doesn’t like the thought of me being on my own in there. So being scared I didn’t go out again until the PM said we can.

It will kick start the dieting as I have already lost 50 lbs in weight since Christmas but it had stagnated and needed something, and this was it. (I am writing a free book that will be available on line when I have lost the rest of weight with help and ideas and no buying fancy food)…… We walked and walked and the glorious sun was shining. We had our backpack looking like we were setting out for the Sahara…..we had taken water for our JRT as he has a neurological problem that affects his bladder and this has left him with a need for water more than most dogs, and his meds…….so off we go with a back pack with 3 large bottles of water and dog bowl for him. I am sure we look like some sort of weirdos when we keep bending down to give him his water…..but during this weather we can get away with it….winter is a bit odd but his needs outweigh everything.

The sun was beating down and I didn’t want to stop walking, although the knees were hurting, and the walking stick was becoming a bother but I just wanted to go on and before we knew where we were at….the time had flown by. Oh I thought the diet app and put in the minutes and smiled happily.

By the evening I was feeling it and it was in my legs, my knees and owwwww my shoulders and back and neck….sunburn. I had forgotten to cream up as it was just something that had not crossed my mind and I am the whitey from blighty and I don’t go red first, I blister and oww oww oww oww…it burns, but I don’t mind as it was a perfect day followed by more perfect days as we have now been out 3 times to walk on the beautiful country park since being allowed to from Monday….and we have that beautiful park at the bottom of our avenue, and we are so grateful that we live in such a gorgeous green space.

There was no litter and the wildlife had grown tremendously with us being out of the way, and it was and is beautiful and we have decided that when we go out, we will take a plastic bag and pick up any rubbish (as we know it will materialise eventually), because being stuck in was something we hated most of all, and we wouldn’t have gone out just to walk around the street and to have this beautiful green space is magical and we are looking forward to tomorrow……even with the aching bones and burnt shoulders. It is worth it.

We also have one very happy crazy JRT now too……..