The Irish fishermen are threatening violent clashes with British fishermen for our waters……and I am sorry that they will lose out in this but look to your politicians for this sorry mess you are in not ours.

For too long those other countries in the EU have had it too good where they have fished in our waters. For every £1 fished in the EU waters, the EU fishermen have pocketed £5 of fish in ours. This has resulted in our fishing industry being brought to its knees and did those other countries state that it was unfair and lets treat the British with a fair quota? No they carried on plundering our waters and not caring one jot about the fishing villages and towns in the United Kingdom who had been decimated.

All the PM and the UK was asking for was a fair deal and I have no doubt that Boris Johnson would have given way slightly on the fishing waters, but not now. It seems that the EU and its member states are refusing to treat us as a sovereign country and demand…YES DEMAND…..that we still follow EU rules and judgements. Are they insane? No sovereign country would allow such interference from any foreign countries, never mind an unelected one.

We have to stand firm and if that results in losses in the fishing industry throughout Europe so be it, and maybe then countries will bypass the monster that is the EU and work directly with us as the United Kingdom prides itself on fairness and a level playing field. It seems that the stumbling block is the Frenchman they put in charge.

Barnier needs removing as he dislikes anything British anyway and he doesn’t realise that he will be the fall guy. After all what does Boris have to lose? He will have done exactly what the majority asked him to do…he will have kept faith with the people and after all we have the Commonwealth and that is twice as many nations as the EU and we have interactions as friends and certainly no political interference.

That is why the Irish, The Dutch and the French fishermen are going to be the biggest losers as Boris won’t blink first as the Barnier has told the 27…..why would he? He has the backing of the majority and he knows that….

My view is that we should have our Royal Navy out to fire a warning shot across any bow of ships that cause trouble, because it is a fair less messy proposition than having a boat load of fishermen from Grimsby ….. as they will fight for what is theirs and the losers will end up with nothing….both physically and mentally.

Accept our sovereignty and apply for a licence….but the days of expecting to fish in our waters are gone. Diplomacy is now the key and having Barnier involved….will result in nothing.

It makes better sense to have a delegation of the European Fishing Union made up of fishermen approach our government, as they will be able to appeal to them directly and the PM will listen…..but if you leave it to the arrogant Barnier….you will lose every time. Is it worth it?