I am sad to say that President Donald Trump has finally lost the plot. Nobody was more delighted than I was when he trounced Hillary Clinton, and I am still of the opinion that anyone was better than her but he now needs to be removed for the sake of the citizens of the United States of America.

His country and its citizens are now at war and to get the police and military to clear away a peaceful protest was outrageous. I watched the protest on live TV and they were peacefully protesting and then out of the blue came a baton charge.

I could not believe my eyes was this really the United States of America? The land of the free? Where is their first amendment rights? Where are their rights full stop? The people have a right to protest if it is been done peacefully and to throw that away for a photo op is ridiculous, and has done more damage to any presidential campaign that he might have.

We know that the South will support him….but I think your average American disgusted at the death of George Lloyd will be expecting their Commander in Chief to talk to the people. Talking to the people and expressing your disgust at what happened and asking for calm instead of violent clashes.

It seems that the President is determined to be the Law and Order President and on this occasion he is wrong. This needs sympathy and understanding as people are hurting and they need their leaders to understand their hurt, not to turn the heavies against them. That will add fuel to the fire of anger rather than helping to heal the wounds.

I am afraid Donald Trump does not understand the people and why they are outraged. To threaten to call out the military by invoking the Insurrection Act on the US people is something not seen since the civil unrests regarding Vietnam, and maybe law makers need to look at their constitution that is set in stone and loosen it as what was laid down centuries ago has not moved along since, and unlike the United Kingdom who have a flexible constitution and can makes changes for the people….sadly the USA don’t and it needs to change.

The President does not understand why there is mass rioting, and I firmly believe that he is right in the now removed tweet about dealing harshly with looters. This is nothing to do with the outrage regarding George Floyd but those who are peacefully protesting should be allowed too and not shut them down. That is impacting on the right of free speech.

I do however think that the American news channel CNN is not giving the news on a neutral stance especially as they show Joe Biden in a good light because he went to a church…….dear god when will politicians stop jumping on the bandwagon as it is repulsive and needs to stop. Unless he can give advice on how to stop something then he is as useful as an ice cube left out in the sun…..offer help and support and if not shut up and stop using the tragic death of a man for political gain…..that is as repulsive as Donald Trump using the church for a photo op.

If Donald Trump won’t speak to the protestors then maybe the senators and governors of the state should do that as they have as much power in their province as the President does. That is the strange quirk of the American constitution and they must take leadership of this situation or else it will get worse and quickly, and you will find all out murder as gun owners will grab their right to bear arms and shoot anyone who they fill is a threat. Then what? Who is in the wrong? Those protesting or those who use the right to bear arms?

Nobody taking control or talking to those protesting is the reason why it is growing out of control. Take a brave stance and shout not in my name and show those protesting that law makers understand their anger and things will change, as I am totally convinced that the Police don’t want to hurt its citizens….after all they live amongst them in their daily lives. Ask the police chiefs what they and their offices want as one officer dying is one too many.

If not then the United States of America will continue to burn and law and order will break down past anyones ability to correct it, and I am afraid Donald Trump does not have that sympathy gene to show he cares. He just wants to look tough on the world stage and that is a mistake. It is a mistake because it is costing the lives of his citizens and he swore to protect them and on that he has sadly failed.