Today 18-year-old Aima and Tash, 21, were named as posting a series of hard hitting social media messages slamming Britain for being a ‘racist country’ and claiming that ‘police brutality’ will kill black people before coronavirus does. Their claims however are not grounded in evidence, as analysis by the charity Inquest reveals there have been 99 BAME deaths in Metropolitan Police custody, or following officer contact such as shootings in the last 30 years.

Whilst 99 is too many and lessons do get learned, along with the outrage of British public as we expect our police to act within the law, we do not expect such outrageous lies to spread. We are not like the United States of America where weapons are carried by the police, and it is more likely that a police officer will be killed by someone with a gun or stabbed….your average British bobby doesn’t carry weapons…and their comment is a racist, bigoted slur on the police and on the good people of this United Kingdom. We are a country that has been generous to all people and where everyone is treated equally regardless of their colour, and where we have opened our hearts and homes to millions….but guess that wouldn’t make headlines now would it…..

There faux outrage is racist and the families of those who have lost their lives to this horrid virus could well be outraged. These silly little girls are spouting rubbish for 15 minutes of fame. They need to grow up.

When I was growing up we were respectful of our parents, respectful of our elders, respectful of the police and those around us. We did not carry weapons especially knifes, did not hang around in crowds and did not do drugs as many of the young are doing now……and not once did the police arrest me, any of my siblings or any of our friends and there were a lot of them.

It is just another platform for people who have no idea what the hell they are talking about to grasp the outrage of the people, and to make their stupid idiotic claims all about them. They should be ashamed of themselves but guess when people are desperate for 15 minutes of fame they make anything up.

I trust that if they are the victims of a burglar, mugging etc that they won’t call those same racist police to their rescue….would hate for them to feel at risk.

If we are so racist and they feel such at threat then they have the freedom to move to a country that they feel safe in. Would hate for them to have to stay here and be terrified……