I am glad the lies and vicious slurs against our servicemen have been thrown out. 1000 lies could have destroyed the lives of those who fought so bravely, and who upheld the honour of the British Army at all times.

These lies should never have come to this especially where British Servicemen who have won medals for their action were hounded by cheap money chasing solicitors such as Phil Shiner.

Thankfully he has proved to be a fraud and he was stripped of his law licence thank god….and now those who have been hounded day and night because of his lies should sue him personally. I would if that had been me. The only good light is that we know what he is and he has never taken away the shine of those who served, because as a former soldier I knew everything was lie as I had been through British Army training and it is the best in the world, and you don’t change from the military discipline to that of a killer, and do you know why? Quite simply…..he would have been letting his mates and his regiment down and you just don’t do that.

Shiner should be made to serve the number of years each soldier has had to endure being investigated. Each year he has had his name dragged through the mud, and now we have to make sure those brave NI Servicemen are given the same. I know that if there was a rotten soldier in the unit the men themselves would not protect him, and more than likely they would be the ones to report it to the Military Police and this is why I am convinced the NI trails are just to satisfy the political whimsof former PMs who have built there careers and money income on it.