Another day and yet another demand from Sadiq Khan to extend the transition period and stop Brexit. I think he forgets that he has run London into the ground, and he is only a mayor and he must let the important work of Government be done by the Government and not him. He has too much to sort out with trying to rescue London from his own failings….and it will get worse not better under him.

Another mob who cannot accept the democratic will of the people is the Best for Britain team. They have wrote a paper that surprise surprise says that in the North West and Midlands we will be worse off under Brexit, and yep you guessed it like Khan they want an extension.

It goes to show you how little these closeted people know as it was never about money with Brexiteers, but rather the will for British democracy to be returned to our shores. It should never have been given away as it goes against the Magna Carta and by doing so, the MPs who did this acted against the people as no law is about that of British law and that no King, Prince or Foreign country shall have the right of laws and rules over the United Kingdom….and that is the part that those who voted Brexit want. Our laws must be brought back to us….and those who want to give it away so easily should be ashamed of themselves.

They can send out demanding letters all they want or write a paper that would win the Hans Christian Anderson book of fairy stories price for the biggest piece of fictional work going. Either way nothing they say or do will stop the Brexit.

It is surprising how those who oppose Brexit cannot accept their loss and move on. This is akin to the Stockholm syndrome and to be so willing to tie this country to an establishment that cannot be held responsible, to do so against the wishes of the people and to hand over billions more of taxpayers money is everything but democratic and it is about time Khan (who I seriously hope is out at the mayoral elections) and the remainers who write such loaded papers seriously get the help they need, as they cannot go on like this as it smacks of such delusion and desperation and do they really think for one minute the Government would either listen to Khan, or a paper written by such ardent remainers?

I would question everything and anything they said and the first question would be why are you working so hard against the people of the United Kingdom? We know exactly what is coming and yes there could be some hardships but we are ok with that as we get back our freedom.

The remainers who are so het up with the result and have spent years trying to thwart Brexit, and are still trying need to take a deep breath, chill and let democracy take charge as you never know they might actually enjoy it, instead of being chained to something that would make us a vassel state, and if they can’t accept it then seek professional help.

I trust the reply from Michael Gove contained one word…NO.