I am very much with George Floyds brother Terrence when he begs for people to stop violent rioting in memory of his brother. Since when has setting fire to a shop, or looting been committed in memory of a man who was murdered by 1 rotten policeman and 3 who were in cahoots with him? I do understand how people who are left so desperate feel they have nothing to lose…but the innocent are getting hurt and that is unacceptable.

Donald Trump has made Antifa a terrorist organisation and it reminded me of a programme I was watching late last night on the Alt Right in America, and there was the battle of wills between the tie and suit wearing Alt Right spokesman who was just in my opinion a bigot, racist and the sort of person you would need to shower and scrub away any trace of him. He goes by the name of Richard Spencer and it is called Alt Right, age of rage on Amazon…..and his suit did not hide just what a despicable human being he is.

He stands for everything that is wrong to any decent human being and the number of times I wanted to throw a book, shoe or anything every time he came on my TV, and I would have caused serious damage to my media equipment if I had carried on but his adversary was a gentleman called Daryle Lamont Jenkins. He is a member of Antifa and he was charming, calm and not a racist bone in his body even though he had to listen to Spencer calling him again and again and all for being black. Yet not once did I see any violence being committed by Antifa, quite the opposite and instead it was the Alt Right who were gunning again and again for violence and a white America. Mr Jenkins stated that he would only back violence when they are met with violence and that is the crux of it.

I listened to the blatant racism about how the United State of America was founded by the white man….and at that point I spat my tea out as the poster boy of the Alt Right had just left out totally that the native Indians were the original people of the USA, but lets not have truth in the way when you are trying to put down anyone of colour.

Then fast forward and now Donald Trump has proclaimed Antifa a terrorist group and how ridiculous is that. I know that within any organisation you will have the bad people after all look at the police force whose rotten officers started all of this? You have good men and women working for the state in that precinct trying to protect individuals of all races and colour, and then some rotten individuals ruin their hard work and people then riot…..I feel so sorry for them trying to bring calm back to the streets of America and I pray that they do and that no further policemen and women are lost doing this… any loss of a good police officer is felt deeply. Infact I hope there is no further loss of life as any death is a tragedy.

However, to ban one organisation is ridiculous and if Trump is going to ban one organisation then he should ban them all. He cannot close down one voice and let the other with the most vile rantings carry on enjoying the first amendment. It shows people of colour that if you are white then you are guaranteed rights, but if you are coloured then you get none….and that is why they are rioting in the first place.

A black man was murdered in broad daylight, and this is not the first black man and will not be the last and how many more sons/brothers/fathers/husbands/uncles before this stops? Justice should be seen to be swift and true for those who feel ignored, and yes black lives matter but so does everyone else.

There will always be those who use rioting as an excuse to steal and cause mayhem and that is where Donald is right and looters should be dealt with, but when the brother of the murdered victim begs for calm why is he not listened too? After all he and his family are suffering more than others in this action.

The last thing a grieving relative wants is to read of further murders in the name of their loved one especially when they know it is nothing to do with it, but just people on both sides using the opportunity to break the law and cause maximum damage to people and property, ….and this is where I stand by my statement of banning both Antifa and the Alt Right and making them both outlawed organisations not just one, as wearing a tie and shirt does not make you acceptable when you are Nazi bigot.

Trump needs to show those who are active members in outlawed groups that places such as Guantanamo bay is theirs if they break the law, you will soon find that the different organisations will soon lose their members but if you let the Alt Right just carry on with their vile words and threats, then there will be rioting and this is what has happened and their is real despair of individuals who feel they are not listened too. This is not confuse them with the rioters who just want to make a quick buck by stealing as they will always be at the bottom of the scum heap, but rather there are real family suffering and it does not seem to get easier. After all, how would you like to see the death of your loved one played again and again for millions to see?

This cannot go on and the violence needs to be brought under control and it needs to start by outlawing all groups and if needs be the Army needs to declare martial law, as it is not fair to leave the police to deal with it as there are not enough. It also needs the blustering antics of Donald Trump to stop as he is like a red rag to a bull for some people, and his words can make an already inflammatory situation get much much worse, it is almost as if The President is the match they need to light the riots.

If you really care for what happened to George Lloyd then do as his family ask and be peaceful and law abiding, as all rioting does is create more hate and there will never be any winners, and result in a lot more people who will lose their loved ones and for what? An argument, a chance to get back at the police or a new TV? It is just not worth it.

Time to hand over to the military and let them declare a lockdown and keep the heavy military presence on the street, and people in lockdown until the law of the court takes over otherwise this will go on and on……..