Nothing made my early morning wake up call feel better than reading that Watson, Bercow and Murphy had been rejected for a peerage. Karma looks good from where I am sitting.

Watson was never going to get in because of being the nonce finder general, and accusing the most distinguished of gentlemen of the most appalling behaviour, and being cowardly enough to do under parliamentary privilege. Knowing he couldn’t be sued allowed him to make the most disgusting of allegations against people who had served this country faithfully.

There was no way that he was going to be allowed to sit on those same benches where the men he had falsely accused had been, and I hope Harvey Proctor can take a little bit of comfort from this as he rebuilds his life, and that comfort too for the relatives who had to listen to his painful lies…and all for political gain.

Now we need to hold those senior police officers accountable for their involvement, but that is for another day.

As for John Bercow that gave me a particular delight as that man had tried to thwart the democratic vote everytime he preened himself in his speakers chair. He took the honourable post of speaker and dragged into the gutter with him…and how strange that a Conservative MP would be nominated by Corbyn. Almost like some bizzare plot where he would do his best to stop BREXIT

I watched him on the Sky election night and when the poll came in he went green, as he knew that the game was up and he would go down as the worst speaker. He states that centuries of tradition meant the speaker always went to the Lord’s, yet he himself stated he didn’t give a “fig” about traditional laws and he would bend it where necessary. Well Mr Bercow, the PM bent that tradition just for you, and I would have loved to have seen his face on finding out.

As Geoffrey Cox stated the last parliament was a dead parliament, and it’s blame lies squarely at the feet of Bercow. He plotted, connived and happily went round telling all who would listen that he is stopping BREXIT, even threatening to write to the EU to ask for an extension….trying to completely undermine the government and the people. Well the government and the people by a majority are delighted you are rejected, and confined to the footnote of the scrap heap of a traitorous parliament.

As for Karrie Murphy….there is no place for anti semetism, and she has to account for allowing it to happen….along with her master Corbyn and it will all come out in the wash about the Labour party, and how cowardly of Starmer to separate himself from it ….despite him and 31 members of his shadow cabinet being in Corbyns’ shadow cabinet …not one stood up for Jewish people. The Labour party still remain the nasty party as the leader might of changed, but the collective responsibility hasn’t.

The decision made to reject all 3 nominations was a sound one as it shows those in public office are expected to behave in a professional manner, and none of them have. They themselves are to blame for their own rejection.

Lessons learnt I hope, and costly one especially for Bercow as he can’t preen around the Lord’s, and how long would it have been before his Mrs appeared in some tacky newspaper dressed only in ermine…..perish the thought.