5 points about Cummings gate.

Saw this and decided, as far as I am concerned , it was worth sharing……
“My problem is that I detest injustice and people who wish the worst. …..
So, here’s are a few facts about Dominic Cummings:

  1. For months (long before his alledged joy ride to Durham), he has been the target of death threats and harassment; why? Because he is seen as the man behind Brexit; the man who has upset 16m people. We all know about the protests, the court cases and the character assassinations. Well, for all you Brexiteers out there; this man is the target for delivering 17.4m wishes; is it fair to be persecuted for being good at your job?
    He lives in Islington; Corbyn’s constituency; guess how popular he is there. ….
    So, would you leave your ill spouse and son in that environment….
    2.He is classed as a key worker; therefore allowed to travel. As a key worker why wasn’t he tested for Covid when he had been in close contact with 3 known cases. What makes Piers Morgan more important than him?
  2. Yes, he drove to Barnard Castle to see if he was well enough for a 5 hour drive…. under the rules he was allowed out once a day. He is also a key worker and was needed back at his job
  3. Why didn’t he tell his boss the PM…. would you need to tell your boss you had an emergency at home if he was ill in bed. I wouldn’t; in business it’s called an executive decision; you inform someone to pass a message on.
  4. He drives back to the same threats and harassment, but then finds an agreement between the EU and Downing St has been put in place by back stabbing civil servants; God, how these people must have felt when he got back and the PM didn’t die
  5. There is a lot out there from Labour MPs about one rule for him (which he never broke), and one for everyone else; but where are they crucifying:
    Ian Blackford who, drove 618 miles to Skye when he has a tax payer funded home in London; this man claims almost £250000/yr in expenses. It was expressively forbidden to drive to the outer Islands, but he did – in his own words to get out of virus ridden London.
    Stephen Kinnock who drove nearly 200 miles from South Wales to London to give his poor father a card (think a ditty is coming on….)
    Vaughan Gethin; Welsh Health Minister told Wales they must stay at home, no picnics in the park. He went straight from his podium to the chip shop and had a family picnic, yes, guess where; the forbidden park
    The MP who went to a funeral with 100 others.
    Corbyn; who despite being 70 refused to isolate
    Where is the media and public outrage over these deliberate, unnecessary breaches. And before someone says Dominic Cummings made the rules; think again…. he may have suggested them, but Parliament passed them into law; so every MP who has breached them also voted to pass them and therefore broke their own law.
    Dominic Cummings is a private citizen who is being crucified by the media and by stirring up public hatred and hysteria for political ends.

Whether you agree or disagree please bear in 5 mind these are facts

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