Reading today in the Daily Express that China are preparing for War… first thought was is anybody really surprised? They have been segragating the South China Seas for many years depleting it off the natural resources despite the opposition of those countries bordering it.

China now has its eyes set on Taiwan and Hong Kong and we should never have given our Jewel in the Crown back and in effect we handed over a democratic country to an authoritarian one and it was never going to work for those people in Hong Kong, and I for one feel that we should have taken out more leases and left Hong Kong to those who love it the most….the people who live there.

China is also ramping up its export and import war with Australia and why? Australia was the first of many nations to directly implicate China for the Covid 19 and that they must pay for the damages.

China I am giving the benefit of the doubt too and that the virus was released by accident, as surely no one in their right mind would release that to get ready for a war.

However, they must also accept that countries are really angry at the deaths and financial impact their carelessness caused and that someone needs to pay. China has done very nicely out of it with the increased orders of PPE, although judging by the many facebook posts the equipment was very sub-standard, and they should be ashamed for themselves for doing that.

However, I am not here to judge the moral rights and wrongs of knowingly sending defunct PPE kit, but to then in the midst of this actually ramp up the military and calls for war is a pretty frightening thing and I doubt that any diplomat will talk them out of it.

It seems that China is going to make people pay and those in the firing line are the countries they think they own, but who really should be allowed in the 21st Century to be their own autonomous places with the rights and laws set by themselves.

I have no idea how the different nations will react when China does go to war but there has to be a strategy to deal with those people fleeing oppression, and there must be a trade embargo against China as we cannot continue to play their games and give them money which is in turn paying for the production of weapons. China’s current spending stands at 146 billion and they are not ramping it up for nothing.

We have to watch China carefully now as it was disturbing to read that Virus Annie who is in charge of the Wuhan lab informs us that there are further nasties in there, and that is not acceptable. What on earth was Barnier…..yes him of the EU Brexit negotiations doing signing it off? Despite warnings. Seems that it is more commercially advantageous to sign it off for the EU rather than cause a scene. Mr Barnier needs to be interviewed on just what he saw in there and how why he signed it off despite people objecting.

There has to be a calming down of China right now as they are angry and pumped for war….they plan to take over and assimilate….pretty much like the Borg out of Star Trek and if we give in once then they will demand more.

Don’t get me wrong I like China, and I think their country is a beautiful place but it needs to bring in the changes and become more democratic and work with the countries affected by the virus, not openly work against them as that just adds fuel to the fire and nobody wants a war.

This is not a pretty state to find ourselves and the rest of the world in and we must united to stop the bullying that is going on, or we risk being dragged into another war and there will be no winners and millions of losers.