Today we have found out that the majority of shops will reopen by the 15th June 2020 but are we all Covid scared of what could be lurking?

I have already decided to continue my shopping online and have found a great place to get my flour, chilled and fresh fruit and veg delivered and plan to carry on using them. Asda have not let me down with what they have delivered and to be honest….why on earth would I want to go in a shop again so quickly?

I am lucky as my friend is also a hairdresser and she has been cutting my hair for almost a year before lockdown in our home, we actually became friends because I spotted her coming out of next door and asked would she cut mine….and now the rest of the family get theirs done. Amazing how quickly you become friends with a hairdresser and oh the gossip we get through…..but I am so ready to have my hair cut and coloured to get rid of the pesky grey hair that has taken over my head quicker than a growing triffid… but when is the 64,000 dollar question.

I think we were ready to self isolate before this happened and had been cutting down our contacts before the virus hit, especially as we had to tell anyone with a sniffle, sore throat etc that they could not come round due to Mr Points of Sue have Atypical interstitial pneumonitis which is severely affecting his lungs….so a cold was a no no and because we were already at the cold season we had sort of self barricaded ourselves in.

We have a small group of friends who we see and one of them has grown some lovely plants for me so we don’t have to go to the garden centre, and we are all protecting each other but it will be nice to see them again eventually……it really feels like a game of dare as to who will make the first move.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I have the fear of going out due to Covid 19 and I know it is something I will have to conquer and I am sure I am not alone in this, and who knows maybe a quiet trip out in the car with Mr Points of Sue and our beloved JRT will cure me of it. We have promised ourselves a trip up to Hadrian’s Wall….

Under the lockdown I have become really adapt at making bread…all kinds of bread and its a case of making my own buns the day before so I don’t have to go and eat in a restaurant for a day out. This is how the fear of getting a virus and passing it on to an already unwell member of your family gets you.

All my contracts have happily worked with me via skype and when I have explained about Mr Points of Sue, they are more than happy to keep working with me this way as I think it cuts down on needless expenses for them, and you can actually get more work done this way. So positive, positive all round really and can you imagine how much cheaper it is to hire without having to take into account the hours spent in face to face meetings, nor travel expenses and being at the end of a skype call with me is not something I bill for….so huge savings which can only be a good thing for them and me.

I went on a spending spree last year and like a typical woman have more clothes than you can shake a stick at, along with boxes of shoes and bags and coats….whoever has 8 coats for winter? So that will put me off clothes shopping which I am grateful for now……as I am not sure I can even queue up and I know we British are so good at doing that….but is that pair of shoes really necessary to do that?

I have decided though and the family agree with me that we will only purchase goods made in Britain and where possible online and I know it will be more expensive, but it will also help put money back into the economy and help those companies who helped us through this dark time.

I know some of you may think that this is the rantings of someone who had given in to phobia, but I recognised more the need to keep my husband safe and after 30 odd years together he has become the glue that holds this family together, and everything we have is because of him and I want to make sure that he enjoys the fruits of his labour for many, many years to come. Guess even after this lockdown and being with him 24/7 still hasn’t changed us.

I think the world we open upto on the 15th June 2020 will for a lot of people be a completely different one, and it will take a considerable amount of time for us to recover from it. I know my own daughter is determined that my grandchildren will go back to school in September, and she is not alone.

We hear all the time from MPs to send them back, yet we do not have Parliament sitting in full and well you will have read my thoughts on them returning first.

My granddaughter who is autistic wakes up most mornings in tears as she has not seen her nana or her grandad, and she absolutely adores her grandad and we keep telling her soon. We are not allowed anywhere before the 1st July but we are on days countdown now and she will just count the days till we are together, and I am not the only grandparent who must feel like that. I miss all my grandchildren. We have promised them a trip out when we are back together.

I read such sad stories on the hubs on facebook of grandparents who are missing their grandchildren and vice versa and then people ask us has this Virus effected us? Yes it has as it has shown us who is most important and that we need to start respecting all jobs more than we do.

As for the shopping and going out which is the beginning of this piece, I don’t know when I will be going back to the shops, and I think it is more likely that I will be heading out to the hills more and getting the fresh air that we are all so craving. What a pity there will be planes back in the sky to ruin that fresh feeling, but how wonderful to enjoy nature….which had a small chance to recover from the damage we do to it everyday.