Taken from a Facebook post….

The allegations that Cummings was, allegedly, seen in Barnard Castle is starting to gather momentum, with the “witness” claiming he saw Cummings there and even made a mental note of the Registration Number of the vehicle in question, apparently he stated he had a photographic Memory. Sky stated the Registration Number was that of a vehicle that Cummings was known to use, however, for the more determined, obtaining that Registration Number would be so easy to seek out.

Now onto the positive identification. Take a look at the photo, obviously that is Cummings on the left, but who is the guy on the right, who closely resembles Cummings. It’s none other than TV Antiques Expert David Harper, who just happens to own an Antique Shop. Guess where that shop is located………you’re correct, Barnard Castle!!!!!!

Is it possible that this key witness, saw David Harper and mistakenly identified him as Dominc Cummings. The Registration number may have been a “Prompt’ from an over zealous Reporter……