This is just getting ridiculous now…..

Where was the uproar when Stephen Kinnock went to his parents or when Tahir Ali, MP for Birmingham attended a funeral with 100 mourners? They got a visit from the police (which by the way never ceases to amaze me how that information gets into the news), but where was the clamber for their heads? Nope….they apologised and just got on with it, but it seems that Labour is full of hypocrites!! Who would have thought that.

Yet you have people bothering Mr Cummings and shoving cameras in his face when he has a little one with him, which can be threatening and frightening for a child.

That seems to be acceptable as are a group of fools camping outside his house. It can only be taken as threatening to him and his family and if that was me I would not take it lying down. The rent a gob thugs from the Socialist Left do this all the time. Remember the time they camped outside of Jacob Rees Mogg’s house and scared the children….well they are at it again and what are the police doing? Very little. Too busy telling the papers that they have spoken to Mr Cummings. Somebody got a bit of thrill from that one eh!

They are not only doing it outside Mr Cumming’s house but also playing a video on a big screen….and again what are the police doing? very little and next to nothing……have they checked if those playing it have a licence to screen this?

I could not believe that Labour wrote a 3 page letter to the PM demanding, yep demanding Mr Cummings is fired. Firstly, with only 202 MPs Labour couldn’t demand a round of drinks and really in the middle of all of this they can write a 3 page letter with a list of demands, but does not have any solution to help. Typical Labour….moan and moan and offer nothing of real value.

The police arrived at the home of Dominic Cummings today and quite right he did not open the door…good for him as there is no way I would want to take give the newspaper or the thugs from the Labour rent a gob any opportunity to take pictures, and would only agree to talk to a senior police officer if and when they have cleared the obstruction from the street as they are making a public nuisance. Bucket of soapy cold water should shift the great unwashed Mr Cummings.

As for the rest of it….it is a storm in a teacup with nothing to see here folks and it is just Labour jumping on yet another bandwagon….(they must have sore legs from all the bandwagon jumping), and political point scoring for no reason whatsoever. It seems that MPs have decided that someone like Dominic needs to go but these Conservative MPs need to realise that without him….they would not have their seat and they owe him thanks for their generous taxpayer funded job.

He is sorting out the country and they don’t like it as it shows how totally irrelevant most of them are.

Thankfully just heard that Boris is standing by him….good…now sort out the Civil Servants and start to send shockwaves through those departments and people who think they can do what they want.

If you look at the media stratosphere……the people are with Boris and Dominic and that is all that matters.

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