Never in my life have I read such a nasty comment from such an awful person. Its obvious this repulsive female has daddy issues as in her book (which can be found in the 99p bin area of any book shop) she wrote “have you killed any men today? If not why not”… god social services need to get her kids away from her as they are male and from what she writes they will be in therapy when teenagers with the “my mum hates me because of my gender”.

The virus is killing people at an alarming rate and this god awful woman can write that it is not killing enough men….who by the way the irony is lost on her because she gave birth to a son….so will she be offering him to the feminist cause and the virus? You can bet your bottom dollar she won’t.

I don’t fully believe in this feminism rubbish as it just gives embittered women an excuse to go full tonto on men for their own failings. I do understand that some boardrooms are still not allowing women in but then would you want to join because you are the token or do your best, look around and get a job that values you? Laws are evolving and businesses are looking past the male dominated area and women will get there because they are good, and for me they are the role models.

These all female selection lists for MPs is wrong and we often end up with MPs who are out of their depth and parachuted in…..which will leave those who vote for the party feeling as though they have been ignored for the sake of a cause, which I doubt they actually believe in.

My ideal of feminism is bringing up my sons to respect women and I am proud to say that they do, and they appreciate the people they work with regardless of gender, and that they work together as a team. They are not afraid to put ideas forward, nor to ask for the help if necessary and in the case of my youngest son he is the only male. It is called respecting your work colleagues and respecting them as a human. You value their strengths, their experience and their working together as a team regardless of gender and that is true feminism and I am very proud that they think that way.

My sons have both said that if their partner earns more than them then they will be the home parent as it is not up to the mother to give up a career, and it makes more sense if they are more successful. My youngest son who is studying for a PhD has already said that he will work part time if necessary to see to any children ensuring his wife does not give up her role and career as its not fair on her otherwise, and that folks is appreciating and understanding that women are equal.

On what planet do women think that we are entitled to everything because we are women? Thankfully there are women who like me are appalled at the hateful things this woman has said and it should be classed as a hate crime.

My sons are as precious to me as my daughter and how dare this truly detestable human being write such things. There are people who have lost their father/son/brother/uncle to this virus, and all this horrid woman can do is moan that it is not killing enough. What will be her next target? Overweight people….I can guarantee she will turn on them too….

She really is the ugly face of feminism.