Reading yet again the world according to Starmer and he tells us with his usual eagerness to open up about everything that his children have been attending school throughout as his wife is a NHS keyworker.

Well… marvellous I thought until I read further into who Keir Starmer is and his wife is a SOLICITOR…..since when is a solicitor a key worker? Also, Parliament is only operating virtually and not actually sat in so why were they not at home with him?

The more you look in depth into Starmer the more you see how he bends things for his political point scoring. He did not pull up Jeremy Corbyn, Momentum or any of the other shadow front benchers when it came to their disgusting anti-Semitism despite his own wife and children being Jewish. Yet what does he do?? Comes out saying it has no room in the Labour party as soon as he is leader ….where was his criticism before?

He could have come out with it at any point before the election and risked being fired from the shadow front bench but having admiration for standing by his convictions….but nope not Starmer he says nothing and it is a cold calculation on his before to make sure he looks the good guy as all he says is that was under Corbyn. Yet he was a senior member of the shadow cabinet and did absolutely diddly squat whilst Jewish Labour MPs were hounded…. must of been comforting to Momentum that he kept his mouth shut.

He states he will not politicise the Covid 19 Government response and did not get through his first statement before he …yep you guessed it…. is attacking the Government. He rants endlessly with criticism but has offered nothing in the way of sound solutions and it is easy to criticise when you are not the one dealing with it. Pretty much like the whole shadow front bench.

Finally he promises that his shadow front bench will move away from the Corbyn politics and what does he do??? 31 yep THIRTY ONE of his shadow cabinet are the same people who kept their mouths shut whilst in Corbyn’s shadow cabinet. It is the same old same old with just a new leader.

Can we really trust a man who does not even finish his sentence before doing the opposite. This does not even include the decisions he took with DPP and the disastrous effect it had on the victims, but then he makes Nazeem Shah the Community Shadow Minister …. she liked and shared a tweet “Those abused girls in Rotherham and elsewhere just need to keep their mouths shut. For the good of diversity”. Disgraceful and she should have been thrown out of parliament for that never mind promoted to Shadow Communities Minister…. Does Starmer think its a joke?

Yep Starmer really has made his mark on the labour party…but for all the wrong reasons. Thankfully under him they are not electable.