We have the Labour party up in arms over Dominic Cummings and his trip to his parents. Infact they are practically wailing, screaming and throwing tantrums over the fact that he broke lockdown rules and all I have heard all day is that there must be an inquiry into why he did it, and that the Government especially the PM needs to fire him as he has broken the lockdown rules.

Well here is a reminder of the lockdown rules being broken……..

Steven Kinnock visiting his parents

Yep you guessed it….its a Labour MP and member of the Shadow Front Bench breaking the very same lockdown rules to go and visit his parents. When questioned Mr Kinnock stated that he was taking much needed supplies to his parents, and a birthday surprise for his dear old dad.

News to the neighbours who stated that Lord and Lady Kinnock have been getting supplies and that they have not needed for anything, and why? The neighbours have been doing it.

Labour of course tried to bury that under the carpet with a not much to see here folks kind of answer, but when Dominic Cummings and his wife are taken ill and his parents offer to look after the children….well there is uproar.

How dare the Conservative Svengali break the lockdown rules to go and get help from his parents…..who does he think he is?? Stephen Kinnock?