How many loans and people is the Duchess of York in hock too? What other minor Royals are cashing in on their status because of greed?

Administrators are looking into the payment made from Lord Grade’s troubled entertainment company to the Duchess and I am at a loss as to understand why people are giving her money.

She received a £290,000 personal loan from Gate, while Ginger & Moss, a tea company that she set up, received a loan of £232,000. This is just pure greed again and again by the Duchess and who seems to go around the world just asking for money….why? She lives rent free in some sort of bizarre arrangement with her ex husband.

You would think she had more pride than get her gold plated begging bowl out.

I guess we will hear the excuse trotted out eventually that she made an error of judgement. It was that excuse she used when she apologised for taking money from Epstein……

When are we going to stop reading about greedy minor ex Royals just holding out their grasping hands? For every good thing the Queen does along with Charles, Camilla, William and Catherine….the minor Royals go and blow it all out of the window by their greed and using their rich acquaintances for free homes, jets, holidays and anything else they can get for a perk without actually earning it. The only minors who are not like are the Earl and Countess of Wessex…I like Sophie.

The Queen needs to cast all the others free and let them sort out the mess they make, including her own son, or public opinion will be fickle on the wrong side of their hereditary claim and it will have gone.

I get so angry when you read about nurses struggling on the front line of the Coronavirus and then you see headlines about a greedy, grasping Duchess and think they really are a national joke, and it needs to stop as they are just selling out our oldest national treasure…..The Crown.