Sadly another 351 deaths were announced today, that is another 351 families who are grieving the loss of their loved one. It does not bear thinking about the pain they are going through.

Sir Patrick Vallance has warned that the R rate has risen and we are heading towards 1 and that is where we are in the grip of the pandemic again, and please remember that the statstics are 3 weeks in arrears.

Sir Patrick is Britain’s Chief Scientific Advisor and definitely the guy in the know, and how frightening must that be when you actually have the full knowledge of what is going on. We are sat in our houses, well most of us are doing as we are told and other than our own little world we really don’t know what is going on out there, but it must be desperation for these top scientists when they plead with people to stay in.

I read the papers and watched those who are making a mockery of what is a deadly serious matter by turning up at the beach, going to the countryside and visiting towns as if the pandemic will not catch them out. Their blatant disregard for the safety of others and the NHS is moronic and the camera recognition cameras used in the streets, car parks etc should be used to trace these people and fine them thousands. It is the only way this is going to work and how dare they put the lives of those carers in such jeopardy, because we all know that the minute they become unwell with it they will want the NHS to save them….and all because of a day out at the beach.

It is like dealing with children and naughty children at that. It is almost as if they are saying “You can’t tell me what to do” and poking their tongues out at the law and those Scientists who are telling them it is a strange, scary and deadly place out there.

The R rate is worked out by how fast the virus spreads and a R rate of .7 means that 10 patients can infect 7 more, and the recent hot weather is almost like a dinner menu for viruses especially with all those hot, sweaty people coughing and spluttering over each other. It is awful to think that they will go back and possibly infect totally innocent people who have stayed in and done as they are told.

I find it galling that there are those who have had parties in their streets and tried to justify it by saying it is necessary contact. Birthday parties are not necessary contact and out of say 30 people attending you can bet that one or more has it, and yept it starts again and they will be the spreaders.

What does this government have to do to get people to stay at home? They are shouting from the rooftops that they are not willing to send their children into school, wont go back to work and why to both?? its unsafe they scream yet the sun has got its hat on hip hip hooray and off to the beach they go with just everybody else and where is the concern then? Yep you guessed it out of the preverbial window and then funnily enough they don’t seem to mind the place being taken over.

I took my JRT out last week for a walk and only 20 or so minutes in and I could not stand it with all the people not social distancing. I have never been so frightened in all my life and I have not ventured out again, so how they can do this knowing that the death rate is still not coming down to satisfactory level is beyond me. I guess in some cases the brain cells stayed in lockdown whilst they went out.

We need to start following the guidelines and keep our distance. There is already a 2nd outbreak in Wuhan and other cities in China. Almost 110 million people are in lockdown, and this thing is scary, this thing is real and this thing is deadly.

I have told Mr Points of Sue that we can say goodbye to 2020 in reality, but if it means surviving especially as he has a lung condition then that is something we must do. How sad to see the public totally disregarding the safety of themselves, their families and other just to get out for the day.

No wonder the police are fed up….as they are putting the police at risk. Although I doubt any of them splashing on the sun cream would even care.

If that rate goes above 1 then we are in a lot of trouble but as I told my mother…have faith in the scientists. She said she has faith in god but I told her that he gave these people the brains and to have faith that there will be a vaccine. I hope so I really do…as I need to see my grandchildren.

The hardest thing is that they live a 3 minute walk from my home and it literally is just around the corner and I have not seen them for some 2 months now, and my autistic granddaughter is asking why those naughty people are not staying in and then told me all about Boris Johnson helping people to stay safe. She gets it as an autistic 11 year old….pity those who don’t care chose to ignore it.

You are putting the NHS at risk and those who work in the NHS are playing a deadly game of Russian roulette with lockdown breakers, only they don’t know who they are and I feel so sorry for those who by nature want to help, and who are running the risk of catching a deadly virus because of somebody else stupidity.

Stay in and get the R RATE dropping.