We are now weeks away from knowing whether we have a deal with the EU or not. In my own humble opinion it will not come as the EU and especially Monsieur Barnier is too stubborn and his dislike for everything British is on full show.

The EU and businesses have had years to get used to the fact that we are leaving although the EU probably thought we would never go through with it, especially as our own Parliament was working against the majority of the voters, but they still should have Plan B ready for the day and there did come a day when the will of the people would win out.

This is called democracy and I am more than willing to gratefully accept that there are remainers who voted for Boris as they were dismayed at the antics of the MPs and realised that we were in danger of losing that which we held so tightly…..our democracy.

The problem with the EU is that they have chosen to ignore the will of the people and bulldozed ahead with their plans, even forcing some countries to hold another referendum until they got the result that the EU was happy with, well that would never happen with Great Britain and that is where the EU fell down. Even up to the General Election the EU thought we would have a hung Parliament and eventually get that fed up we would just be glad to see Brexit reversed. They never ever understood…….

They have no understanding of what it is to be a Great Britain. We sing of our land of hope and glory, our Jerusalem and where Britannia rules the waves, and view our glorious history with such pride cherishing it with such vigour, and although the sun may have set on our Empire and I for one am glad we have turned that round to become the Commonwealth, and where so many beautiful people and countries chose instead to remain as a much welcome part of our family through their own choice with our Queen as their head of state.

That is true democracy where we let the people decide and that is what the EU doesn’t understand. You cannot force the people to accept the will of those we deem as foreign interference and it was. I thought my head was going to blow when I read how Edward Heath lied to the public about not giving away our sovereignty, and that there would be no EU super-state headed up by Germany as he knew that only 30 years after WW2 that the British public would not accept a German dominated Europe. History I think will not judge him kindly.

My own father disliked and distrusted the Germans as he had helped to liberate a concentration camp and knew the evil that men do. So I was brought up knowing the evil that this supposed cultured country had committed and my own father warned me that they will try again and again, and he was right only they are doing it with the agreement of the very countries they had once invaded through the waving of finance, but it is a German dominated EU.

Despite this I have spent many a happy time in France, Belgium, Holland and Spain with the family, and then in the Armed Forces posted to Germany, but whilst I loved their countries I always abided by their rules and would never deem to think that they must follow our rules and that is where the comparison stops.

I get the feeling that Germany and France thought they could dictate to Great Britain as a payback as they have never really excepted that we are still a force to be reckoned with and whilst we might small we roar mightily, although we chose diplomacy we are still that same people that if you poke us we will come together as one and defend what is ours, and that is something the EU and Europe itself will never comprehend.

We are a sovereign nation and we have a sovereign at its head. We want the Queen to be the figurehead of our nation not some nameless bureaucrat. We want to celebrate all that is British and not something that the EU force us to have, and above all we want our Parliament to make the rules and not have to follow some idiotic rules put forward by the EU that has nothing in common with this country.

We have had a turbulent past in our 1000 year history since the invasion of the Normans but that turbulence has now gone, and we are a nation that needs to celebrate our Island and our seas, not spend time and money crying for the end of the union. We are stronger together.

As a Sovereign nation we want to fish in our waters and not have to give way to those EU nations who have had it so good at the cost to our fishermen, those brave souls who go out in any weather to ensure we get fed. For every £1 we catch in EU waters the EU fishermen have plundered our waters for £5. That is piracy and where is Sir Walter Raleigh when you need him as he who would have seen off these pirates with a warning shot across the bow. I am not concerned that the fisheries in the EU could suffer I am not a European and all I am concerned about is that the fishermen in this country are suffering, our people are suffering and have the EU been concerned? Not one jot instead they are demanding that we keep the fishing quota the same way. Are they totally out of touch with what the British want?

We are not saying you cannot have a permit but only after our fishermen have their quotas and it has to be this way and that is something our Parliament must decide.

I digressed and I apologise and back to our Parliament that method of democracy that was enacted fully by Edward III when he allowed the common man to have a say, and although it kept out the poor and the women it was still a start and then the Magna Carta and this above we value and what we base this country and laws on. We do not have a written constitution but we are continuing to be flexible and that is flexible to our needs….not another country, but that flexibility allows us to make fair deals….sadly the EU has not put one on the table.

If we had carried on with the EU our Parliament would have been reduced down to a council and then eventually it would have been done away with as the EU are determined to have closer ties, and we would have ended up with one minister and the loss of our thousand years, and the people having no say in any of the laws as it would have been unelected people making all the decisions and not answerable to the people. That is a dictatorship. Closer ties means that those who still value their democracy in Europe will lose it more day by day and they are sleep walking into it and they should be nervous, very nervous.

The MPs are borrowed our vote for 5 years and unlike John Bercow who on election night says that we want MPs to vote by their beliefs (shows how out of touch he was) as no we want MPs to do what we instruct them to do, and that is why Bercow presided over the most disliked dishonourable Parliament we have had in years, and where our MPs were in danger of dismissing democracy and the freedom we value, and boy did they realise our displeasure at the last General Election. Our system means we vote one person to represent us and that is represent us…not go off and do their own thing because they have an ulterior motive. We are British and we have a sense of fair play but don’t underestimate what we are, and we value the bastions of our freedom above all else and we will do all we have to do to keep that which was so costly won in WW1 and WW2.

That is why we must walk away from the EU and look to our Commonwealth and the WTO terms for the rest of the World as we cannot get a deal without giving up our Sovereignty, as this is something the EU need to do to teach other countries that they cannot leave. That itself should be something that should spark an alarm because if you cannot leave then it is a dictatorship with the majority of the power being held by the Germans, with the French doing what they always do…appeasing the Germans.

After all we only have to look at this supposed German/France bailout. They decided it without bothering to inform the EU, even working out how the money would be distributed and other countries were furious as they had been side lined in all decisions. Well that alone should show those Governments who slept walked into this monstrosity that it is time to leave. The so called brotherhood has left Italy to its fate yet those same people who are quick to lambast us will be handing out the compulsory payment bowl for countries to put their money in, after all they have a lifestyle they have become accustomed too and expect it to continue, and those nations who are already suffering will be expected to hand over billions to bail out other countries. Well I am waiting for the whole thing to fall as we are human and it is our own we look towards helping first…that’s our nature, but our own humanity enables us to help others but you cannot be forced and they will be forced, or expect to end up in the court of the ECJ and fined millions on top of the billions the EU are rubbing their hands over.

Great Britain is only talking to the EU because it is polite to do so but they have no intention of giving one inch. After all the EU have not played fair and we were willing to be the good eggs we have always been and made sure that no one suffered loss of jobs or income, but sadly the other side don’t play nice and Barnier and his team cannot see that as he wants us punished and nothing else will do, and that will be his fall down.

Well Barnier it seems you will be the fall guy for the failure of a deal as fishing towns gave Boris their vote and he will not throw that away, and any rule taking is not acceptable to the majority of the British public and he knows that. Barnier still thinks that we are being obstructive and unfriendly and he cannot think that we are putting us first as a Sovereign nation and no Sovereign nation will put the rights of other countries first, otherwise we might as well scrap Parliament, scrap the Monarchy and just roll over to be walked all over and that will never happen.

Time to walk away and let Barnier feel the wrath of those he failed and he will as all we asked for was fairness but he could not even provide that. The problem was that the EU got used to Parliament giving way because of the majority of remainers, and they cannot get out of that way of thinking as they are still of the believe that Parliament will bend to their will eventually, and because we now have a Parliament that speaks for the people it is being unfair and unrealistic.

Although remaining MPs are trying the patience of the public and on the verge of committing treachery by going above the head of the Government to help a foreign power. That must stop and if necessary they should be sanctioned until they behave as the Conservatives have the will of the majority, and is enacting the will of the people, and that is sacrosanct to our democracy. Sorry if Scotland don’t like it but with only 48 SNPs you are the third party in Parliament and need to make the best of what is coming.

We are a union by an act of parliament and an act of a Scottish King who ratified his country to ours and people need to look closer at the mess the SNPs are making of Scotland, as it is only a smoke screen for their poor mishandling. You had the once in a generation vote and don’t get another bite of the apple because it didn’t go your way….oh hang on ….how so EU of your Ms Sturgeon…keep voting until you get the answer you want.

As for the Lib Dems…well with only 11 they are not even important, however like the EU they still are in this mantra that they can dismiss the majority. When will these people wake up?

Someone needs to tell Monsieur Barnier we are being very far and everything put forward by our negotiators is the will of the people, as he seems to have such a problem with it…maybe a colouring or dot to dot book will help. After all can a remainer honestly argue that giving the EU fishing fleet a greater claim on our waters really is a benefit to Great Britain and those who rely on it? If you can please arrange to meet me in Grimsby in a fishermen’s club and put your case forward!

Great Britain owes Europe nothing. We paid in full with the first blood spilt on a foreign field of our young men and women who went to free them from the monstrosity that Europe has slept walked in. We owe them nothing as throughout Europe lies our military dead, silent in their sleep but those thousands and thousands of white headstones shout loudly that we have paid enough. Those remainers who are bleating that the older generation have destroyed their future….look to the gravestones of those who were their age and who went to the call up. Look to those who are now old who grew up without a father because he died fighting for freedom, or siblings whose parents received a telegram that their son/brother would not be coming home and tell them that they have ruined your future and then hang your head in shame.

Roll on the collapse of the talks and lets get out of the monstrosity that is the EU, and lets look to our Commonwealth and the rest of the world as it is a beautiful place that is open for business.