There has been endless calls since Donald Trump took over the Presidency for him to be investigated, and they have and it has been none stop and nothing….when lo and behold what has Biden been doing?

There is a tape being aired that shows he demanded the removal of what he deemed a corrupt prosecutor before agreeing Billion dollar loans. Now I am not sure whether the prosecutor is corrupt but what is Biden doing meddling in another country, especially when there are questions over the money his son has gained. Donald Trump has stated he will continually ask where is Hunter Biden when they come face to face and quite right. It seems that Hunter has been making full use of his earning capacity whilst Dad was VP and using taxpayer funded trips for his own means. Tut tut naughty and the full figure of what he has gained should be made available, and how he gained the position in the first place.

It definitely needs investigating along with his uber creepy habit of touching females as we have seen in videos. Dear god what is America doing when it seems that he is the best they have to run against Donald.

The Senator who wants an investigation has said that it is not done to hurt Biden. Sen Ron Johnson has stated that there must be an investigation. The reply from Biden?? That Sen Johnson is running a Trump political errand. I think there is more to this than meets the eye and Biden’s chickens are coming home to roost.

I fear for the United State of America I really do. I even miss George W Bush.