Liberal Democrat Peer Lord Fox has furloughed himself so he can dip into the taxpayers coffers, as well as claiming the £162 per day daily allowance for their Zoom attendance for the House of Lords.

The fact that he is able to do this outrageous and smacks of hypocrisy, and he should have been banned period.

He owns the company and has £100k in cash reserves, as well as multi million pounds houses and his income from the Lords….when oh when are greedy people going to be stopped from dipping their hands into the tax payer funded scheme as though its their piggy bank. He states it is not logical to put the two together, but I bet the two go together in his bank account.

Like the multi millionaire socialists this is another self entitled politician who wants to carry on for his own benefit, and I have to ask myself what is he even doing in the Lords? For such a small group of MPs they are allowed a ridiculous number in the upper chamber who it seems are in it for themselves, and sadly that is most of the unelected, unaccountable house of shambles called the Lords.

Lets drain the swamp of the Lords as we did the MPs and he should be first on the list.

This is not acceptable behaviour.