Steve Coogan bless him is down to his last £10 million pounds in the bank and needed the government furlough scheme to pay his gardener and housekeeper. Lets have a whip round or go fund me site whilst I pay the world’s smallest violin.

Why having someone coming round to clean up after you and tackle your garden suddenly becomes the concern of the taxpayer is beyond me. His cleaner and gardener are provided on a private basis for the benefit of him and him alone. He is the only beneficiary of their work and like any person who privately hires he should be the one to pay regardless of whether they are working or not.

It is outrageous that he is allowed to do that but how typical of a left wing multi millionaire socialists that the first thing he does is put his mucky fingers into the tax payer funded scheme. I am not surprised and judging by the comments on the stratosphere neither is anyone else, angry and annoyed yes but not surprised.

I remember him belittling the likes of me who voted both Conservative and Brexit that because of being “stupid” we would leave the country poorer, yet he rather than being a decent person and paying for his two staff members out of his own pocket expects the taxpayers to keep them. You can only imagine they would have gone without otherwise and leaving them considerably poorer if it hadn’t been available. A full time housekeeper and gardener are a luxury that only those who are wealthy or need help can afford and it is for your own benefit….therefore you should pay.

It really is galling when someone like Coogan dips into the taxpayers bank for his own gain, and really shows what a tight person he is when he won’t pay them personally. Lets face it when they do the role for him at any other time he would be the one paying them, so why should it be any different now?

However, we are talking about a left wing multi millionaire socialist who like to blast all those who do not believe in his mantra. I think I will ask the Government to pay for a gardener and a cleaner….after all I am disabled but rather like most decent people if I need it I pay for it myself as it is a luxury and not a right, and that’s the difference between me and him….I have pride and know the right way of doing things.

I would say he should be ashamed but he won’t be and his credibility has hit the bottom of the toilet.