The Government has announced that there has sadly been 363 more deaths from Covid 19, however the South East and London have reported no further infections, however a note of caution….these were results from over the weekend when it was known that there was a hitch with the testing. We need the real results before we start celebrating this if it is true.

Whilst it looks great to those who live in the areas, I don’t live in the South East of England nor London. I live in the North West which is currently suffering the result of a high infection rate, and there is still the care homes to be dealt with as it is not right that our elderly should have been left, and I am not blaming the Government for this as it is the responsibility of those private care homes who charge a very inflated rate to have sourced the requirements privately…instead of berating the Government for something that they are responsible for.

Daily Mail

For the country to open up there has to be no further reports of deaths, or otherwise we will start infecting people again, and that rate of zero deaths and infections must be continual and not just a fluke otherwise we will overwhelm our NHS again and put people at risk who work there.

Slow and steady is the terminology and not rush back into things as surely we will be heading for a disaster.

There are no winners in this and we must when all back to normal have a judicial inquiry into how it was dealt with and learn lessons from it as this sadly won’t be the last that comes out of China, and we must be prepared for whatever ungodly thing comes our way as it is the only way we can fight such things.