Boris Johnson and the Government plan to open up the UK in tend days and get us moving again.

Schools, shops etc and I know now it won’t work with the schools, especially not in my area. I run a community hub and almost all the parents on there have stated that their children WILL NOT be attending the schools, and who can blame them?

We are yet to see Parliament back and when we see how that goes then we will see how the schools go. Realistically it will be September before my own grandchildren return to school and I am fully backing my daughter on this.

Our children are not be sacrificed on the alter of herding.

The idea behind this is that they have hired 25,000 people to contact those who have had or have the virus from an app that is not ready. What happens when those 25,000 come down with Covid 19? Is there a plan B?

There is no plan B and the death rate rose again yesterday and can they really expect parents who are scared, and yes we are scared to send our most precious things out in to the world to then just throw them out? That’s akin to those mother birds who chuck their young out of the nest and expect them to survive….there are some who don’t make it.

I understand that the Government is making plans as problems hit as there really is no one alive who can help from the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1919, but caution is needed and let the parents decide as we are often the voice of reason.

An app will not give us comfort but only when the death rate has fallen continually and then we will take comfort from knowing that we can send them back, not safely as we know that comfort has gone but what is the Government doing for the 2nd wave? Viruses always come in a 2nd wave because idiots who do not stay at home go out and infect others.

We saw it yesterday with the mob mentality of those hitting the beaches because it was hot. I can bet you that a number of people have the virus and they have now passed it on and yep….2nd wave. China is already feeling that as it has locked down 108 million people due to the virus reappearing…and this does not seem to have gotten through to the victims in waiting on the beach.

The PM must stop setting deadlines but instead give a wait and see mantra because no one will criticise him for wanting to make sure the public are safe….and Labour well they have plenty of criticism and nothing else of value to offer…so trust the people Boris as we want things back to normal but not at the cost of our most precious things.