I read with some amusement that a YouGov poll has reported that Boris Johnson’s support for the handling of the Covid19 Pandemic has fallen.

It is reported in Sky News that the government has dropped with some 49% saying he is doing badly, and 47% doing well….and where did they ask these people??? LONDON AND SCOTLAND…..

The leftist remainers in London and the Scottish supporters would say that as they have voted against the government as was saw during the General Election when Remain London and SNP Scotland voted for anyone but the Conservatives except for one seat.

I know we say take these polls with a pinch of salt but my god they have the whole salt mine there….they have asked the people who would vote against Boris even if he was doing a good job.

It is about time these polls were an honest reflection of the people and not some lefty mantra that is determined to cause mischief.

Boris is doing a good job because all Labour have to offer is hot air criticism and nothing else. What suggestions have they offered? I will save you the hunt for the information NONE. It is easy to criticise when you have no authority to do anything and where from the side line all you love to hear is your own voice as we have in Starmer.

I am still grateful it is in Boris in charge and not Labour as look at the state of Wales with a Labour Assembly in charge……its dreadful but of course its not their fault….in true Labour form its everyone elses fault.

Shame on the news for peddling untruths.