Belly Mujinga has passed away from the Covid 19 virus and whilst we are saddened to read about those passing, the way this lady passed away is outrageous and the family must be devestated.

She was spat at whilst working the ticket office at Victoria Station, London……someone deliberately went up and spat at her and her colleague. Mrs Mujina already had an illness and she was unable to fight this deadly virus and she ultimately passed away. How dreadful that she got it from someone who knew what they were doing and did not care one jot for her health and safety, or that of her colleague.

Mrs Mujinga Daily Mail

I could not imagine the pain her family are going through as she has left a husband and children and it does not bear thinking about what they have had to endure.

The police are looking for the well dressed spitter….and when and hopefully they catch him he should be prosecuted for murder, as to knowingly do that is murder as she has died . Not only that but her family were put at risk too and therefore it should be multiple charges and the murderer should never see the light of day again, because if he can do that what else is he capable of?

My thoughts, prayers and love go to the family of Mrs Mujinga and I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful wife/mother/sister/daughter and to do so so needlessly really is the hardest thing to to accept.

Come on police find him and give the family the justice they so deserve.