My grandchildren are not going to the schools they attend till September. That is the decision of their mum, my daughter and my son in law and I am totally standing by them. My grandchildren are the most precious of people to me and we are not willing to risk them.

We have Michael Gove saying it is safe to go back to school, although admitting that you can never eliminate the risks….well thanks for telling us Michael. it reiterates that the decision taken by my daughter and my young friends with children is the right one.

Schools cannot isolate nor guarantee that social distancing can be kept, after all we have all seen the kids on the corridor run between lessons….after all we were all young once and there is no way you can keep them apart.

You will have lads who meet their mates they haven’t seen for months fist bumping and the man hug, and of course you will have the girls hugging and kissing their mates hello and there you have it….coronavirus central all over again.

The plan is to open the year 1 and 6 in schools and how do you get them to stay apart? You can’t and it is ridiculous to even think you can as kids are kids and they are excitable, warm, friendly and lets face it don’t always do what we expect them to do and why should they, they are miniature versions of us and how many of us did as we were told?

Parliament must be up and running first before they use our children as guinea pigs. It is not right and it is not fair to put this fear on the parents of young children and I never thought that I for one would be on the side of strikes but there you have it….no is no is no and they are not going back.

Reported from the daily mail 17th May 2020Mr Gove was asked this morning during an appearance on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show if teachers should be safe when returning to work. 

He replied: ‘Yes, teachers will be safe in schools. The programme that has been outlined is a staged and careful return with children in reception, year one and year six of primary coming back to school we hope in the week beginning June 1.

‘It is the case that some of the best leaders in current education have said that it is absolutely safe for children to return, absolutely safe for teachers and other staff to return as well.’

Asked if he could guarantee that teachers will be safe, he said: ‘Yes. It is the case, as I say, I talked to the chief scientific adviser yesterday for the government Patrick Vallance and running through the figures, the R number, the rate of infection in the community overall, we are confident that children and teachers will be safe.’

However, when asked directly if he could guarantee that no returning teacher will catch coronavirus at school, Mr Gove said: ‘The only way ever to ensure that you never catch coronavirus is to stay at home completely. 

There is always, always, always in any loosening of these restrictions a risk of people catching the coronavirus…..

Talk about double dutch…stay at home and be safe but send your children out into a virus infected world. No wonder the government are losing the support of the people. They should keep the schools shut until the R rate has been reduced to the point of almost nothing and that the death rates are no more and there is a vaccine, and then and only then would we be willing to send out our most precious of things…our children.

Lets see the opening of parliament and ALL MPs sat in their spaces before we even think about anything else…but we know they won’t.